Iconic Disney Photos: the Carousel of Progress

41 Carousel of Progress
Every photo has a story.
Just as certain images remind us of Disney theme park rides, Disney music plays an almost equally important part in the overall experience of Walt Disney World. There are certain songs we all associate with the rides they accompany us on. I’m Disney old-school. I still enjoy the same rides I rode as a kid, thirty-something years ago. One of my favorites, in terms of enjoying the music, as well as the visual images from the show, is the Carousel of Progress.

The Carousel of Progress has actually had two theme songs. In The Imagineering Field Guide to the Magic Kingdom, the Imagineers point out “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” was the song created for the World’s Fair, where the Carousel was to be the show piece of the General Electric exhibit in 1964-65. This song was used while the Carousel stayed at Disneyland. But when it was moved to Disney World in 1975, the song was changed to “The Best Time of Your Life.” The Imagineers note that when the ride was updated in 1996 to reflect more of Walt Disney’s original plans for the ride, the song was changed back to the original song. Both these songs are variations on the simple theme of progress.
41 Carousel of Progress man
Picture this…Both of these theme songs were written by the Richard and Robert Sherman, known to Disney fans as the Sherman brothers. As long time collaborators with the Disney Company, the Sherman brothers have written numerous songs for Disney films and theme park attractions. The Imagineers relate that “because of their ability to turn a phrase and tell a story through song mode, this made ‘The Boys’ real go-to men for Walt.”

I can sing both of these songs from beginning to end. My kids weren’t big fans of the ride when they were very little, but they really enjoy it now as pre-teens. We sit in the back and sing along with the narrator as the theater rotates. Best of all, there’s always a seat available, which is great on cold winter nights or hot summer afternoons.

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