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A bunch of us in the blogging community are gauging interest in potentially organizing a blogging convention called “Follow That Blog!” At this point, we are only in the planning stages, and we wanted to hear from all of you, our readers. Would you be interested in attending a blog convention? The goal for all of this would be to help all of us become better bloggers.  Please indicate your interest (or non-interest) by answering the poll here!  Thanks everyone!

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Wordless Wednesday: February Photo!

The winning photo: Sophie in Minnie’s Gazebo!

Welcome to another edition of the Wordless Wednesday! In today’s post, we’re looking at the image that would make it to the February cover of our calendar! For this one, I had my wife Cindy pick the shots, so I hope you enjoy them!

The runner up: This shot, but only because my niece Stephanie is in it!

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