Welcome to another edition of the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop! As always, we are joining in with my friend Deb from Focused on the Magic to see all of the great pictures that people are sharing with us. Today’s theme is Characters Great and Small. For today’s picture, I thought I would share some of the smallest of characters that you can find at Walt Disney World — Gus and Jaq!

Focused on the Magic

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24 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday – Small Characters”

  1. Such a cute picture! I have this one too and I love it! A prefect example of…be sure to look up at Disney. :0)

  2. This is the perfect picture for this theme!  I love finding these guys and we take a picture of them each time we eat at CRT.  :)

    Christina ~ Disney in Our Blood

  3. Beth, you will only see them if you eat at Cinderella's Royal Table, because they are in the lobby where you get your picture taken with Cinderella before you go upstairs to eat. With your little guy, I imagine it might be some time before you eat there if he isn't into the princesses!

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  4. What a picture for the theme!! It brings back great memories too of CRT! I haven't seen Gus & Jaq in years! Must get back there next trip!

  5. The kids and I had breakfast at CRT once, but never saw these two. I guess the only way to correct this flub-up is to go back to CRT and look for them! :o)

  6. How did you ever see them up there? I love Jac & Gus!! Now I just need to go to WDW so I can see them in person.

  7. I have never seen these guys!  I'll assume they are in the castle walkthrough at WDW?  I need to hunt for them next time!  love it!

  8. Great picture for today's theme! We've never eaten at CRT, but are planning on remedying that during our next visit now that I have a Princess girl. We'll have to keep our eyes open for these guys :)

  9. OK… good to know.  I have always heard about them, but never could see them.  I thought the cast members may move them around or something! :)  I wonder if we'll ever get to the point where he's OK to “like girl stuff!”

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