The Week That Was, January 22, 2012

Welcome back to another episode of the Week That Was, my friends!  It’s been a busy week, so let’s get right to it and look at all that we wrote last week.

This week, we shared our normal pictures from the parks:

  • On Animal Kingdom Monday, I shared a photo of one of the Okapi.  I’ll freely admit that I couldn’t remember what the name of the animal was when I wrote the post, but my intelligent readers knew and were able to tell me!
  • On Epcot Tuesday I went over to The Seas with my picture of Mine, Mine, Mine!
  • On Wordless Wednesday I shared a picture of Sophie and Stephanie on the ferry to Magic Kingdom.
  • On Thursday, I shared a picture of Toy Story Mania!
  • Lastly, for Magic Kingdom Friday, I shared a picture that Cindy took of Flynn Rider and Rapunzel! This was taken during the Princess Parade for the 40th Anniversary celebration!

    On Friday I had my latest post with the Magical Blogorail.  In this edition, we were sharing with you what Disney Magic means to us.  You can check out the beginning of the loop over at The Magical Blogorail site, and my post here, which is titled “Magical Blogorail: Disney Magic is New Memories.”

    On Thursday I shared the results with my test poll in my post, “The Votes are in…”  Turns out Liberty Square is the favorite Land of the Magic Kingdom!

    Amanda from Mouze Kateerz wrote a piece for me.  If you didn’t see it, check out “:Iconic Disney Photos: Tikis in Adventureland” Thanks for writing that, Amanda!  If you haven’t seen her site, why not go check it out?  She does a great job posting some incredible photos of Disney!

    Rafflecopter is having a contest to celebrate their incredible contest software!  The prizes are an iPad 2 and several (I can’t remember how many) Kindle Fires.  Why not check it out and enter the contest?

    While we are talking about contests, have you entered the Dooney & Bourke Contest being sponsored by The Disney Moms?  If not, you’ve got a little under five days left to enter, so why not enter?  You can’t win if you don’t enter!  Good luck!

    Over at Chip & Company, I wrote the Week in Review for January 16th, 2012.  This weekly review covers all of the great news and views stories that we present for you during the week.  In addition, I continued my series of refurbishment posts with “Please Refurbish This Ride: Stitch’s Great Escape.”

    Lastly, I also wrote the recap for the Magical Blogorail Green line.

    Thanks for stopping by, everyone!  Have a great week! registered & protected