Magic Kingdom Friday’s — Flynn Rider & Rapunzel

Happy Friday everyone!!! I hope you have had a great week, and are ready for another great weekend!  Every week gone is one week closer to our trip to Walt Disney World!  As it stands, today we are exactly 20 weeks away from our vacation!  That sounds a lot less than 140 days, doesn’t it?

Anyway, today’s picture is from the Princess Parade when the Magic Kingdom opened for the 40th Anniversary Celebration on October 1, 2011.  It took a bit of cropping to make this work because we had a Photopass photographer in many of my shots, so that’s why it’s a little narrow, but it is one of the few pictures I have of Flynn Rider and Rapunzel, and I wanted to share it with all of you.  That begs the question — what is your favorite Princess/Prince combination?  Please let me know in the comments below!

I’m also running this post through my friend Deb’s site Focused on the Magic! Every Friday for her is Flashback Friday, so why not share this flashback to one of the best days I’ve ever had at Walt Disney World?! Click on the button to see the rest of the entries!

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Magical Blogorail: Disney Magic is New Memories

Welcome to those of you joining me from Disney on Wheels and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the
Final stop on our Magical
When I learned that this month’s topic was what Disney Magic means to me and my family, I immediately knew that this would be a wonderful piece to write.  There are so many things that I love about our trips to Walt Disney World: the planning, the anticipation, the giddyness, and on and on and on!  Oh, and Sophie loves Disney World too! :)

I have written about the Disney Magic many times over the sixteen months that I’ve had My Dreams of Disney, but I think this might sum it all up the best, and it’s part of what I wrote for the 40 Days to 40 Years project:

As you pass under the railroad tracks, somehow, Walt Disney has
magically taken you out of the here and now, and transported you back to
a different time, a different place, where small town Americana is
alive and well; where Main Street isn’t just the name of a street, but
it is a place to hang out with your friends, where you can eat, shop,
and even catch a movie.

But please don’t stop reading just because I’ve put it all together in that one paragraph!  I have so much more to share with you.  Disney Magic is a wonderful thing, and it lives on with every trip that we take, with every surprise that waits for us, whether it be in North Carolina or Florida.  Here are some of the wonderful moments that I’ve had since my family started going to Walt Disney World:
In 2009 we weren’t sure that we were going to be able to make it to Disney World that year due to the economic uncertainty.  But as the summer progressed, and we thought about vacation options, we decided we could make a trip to Disney World, but we decided not to tell Sophie!  So while she was at ballet class with Cindy, I loaded up the car, and when they got home, we said, let’s go!  She had no idea where we were going until I turned on the Mickey Mouse music on the iPod, which she had given me orders not to play until we were going to Disney World!  Here is her reaction, one that I’ve shared with you a hundred times if I’ve shared it once:

In June, 2010, Cindy and I talked it over, and decided that we would invite my niece Stephanie to come with us to Disney World.  She was able to make it work for her schedule (like that was ever in doubt!) and we decided that she would show up on the Sunday night before we were going to leave.  I’ll never forget the reaction when Stephanie got here, rang the doorbell, and Sophie answered it.  She was like “Stephanie?” Then she gave her a bear hug, but then whispered to me “Daddy, why is she here?”  That was when she found out her cousin was coming with us!
In June, 2011, Sophie knew that her cousin Stephanie was coming with us, and that her cousin Anna Jane and her family were too, but what she didn’t know was that we had a special birthday present planned for her and Anna Jane.  June 19, 2011 was the day that Sophie became a “Disney Adult” by turning 10 years old, and Cindy and I decided that any child in “double-digits” (as Sophie called it) deserved to have a trip to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique with her cousin!

My last memory that I want to share with you is from our most recent trip to Walt Disney World, when we went down for the 40th Anniversary celebration.  Cindy and I had arranged for Stephanie to come down, and Sophie saw her, but she didn’t expect us to take her out of school after lunch for a trip to Disney World!  When she saw me wearing my Safari Mickey Mouse hat, she said, “Daddy, we’re going to Disney World?!”  It was a great surprise, and trust me, Sophie loves surprises!
So what new memories will we create on our next trip to Walt Disney World?  Our next trip is scheduled for June 8-15, 2012, and we will be taking our close friends Kerry (Sophie’s Godmother) and her husband Neal, their children River and Izaiah, and our Church friends Monica and her daughter Madelyne-Lois (her husband may also be going.)  We have been planning this trip since October, and we are all looking forward to that memorable vacation, but so far there are no surprises in store for Sophie — or are there?
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Disneyland Monorail Watch with Original Case

“Please stand clear of the doors” From the Highway in the Sky to the Monorail Watch on your wrist, along comes a once-in-a-lifetime find! I love it when something like this pops up when I’m not expecting it. I was at a junky flea market the other day, and in the back of a lonely display case, was this:
Walt Disney Signature Series (?)
Leatherette case
Mint condition with plastic still on crystal and back
The Disneyland Monorail Watch
Genuine Leather band
A trip through time and the Mark series of Monorails
Monorails were around in the late 1800’s, but Disneyland didn’t get one until 1959 when Walt Disney decided to completely renovate Tomorrowland. So along with the Matterhorn and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea came North America’s first functioning Monorail system.
Artwork created by a Disney Artist, but it doesn’t indicate which
Hidden Mickey clasp
I’ve both Googled and searched eBay for this watch without success. So I can’t, as yet, provide any more information about it.
But what a find! For this Monorail enthusiast, this is the Holy Grail of watch finds. So far, I’ve left it in its original case and haven’t worn it. I’m saving that thrill for a special occasion!
Now please be seated or hold onto the rails. This post will be leaving shortly for a tour around the Magic Kingdom… of fandom!

The votes are in…

In my little informal poll, which I was running mainly to try out some polling apps that I could put in my posts, I asked, “What is your favorite land in the Magic Kingdom?”

As you can see, the votes were close, for all 15 of us that voted. :)  The winner, though, was Liberty Square, followed by Frontierland.  Thanks for all of you that participated, next time I’ll plan this out a little better! registered & protected