:Iconic Disney Photos: Tikis in Adventureland

Walking through Adventureland in Walt Disney World , you see plants and trees that make you feel like you’re in the jungle. Think about it; you don’t even notice most of the landscaping in Fantasyland, except maybe the elephant topiary by the Dumbo ride. You hear Adventureland music that evokes a feeling of being in the jungle- music you think you would hear the natives playing in the deep recesses of a jungle somewhere. And the decorations are designed to complete the feeling of adventure.

Consider the iconic tropical tikis…

The Imagineers relate in The Imagineering Field Guide to the Magic Kingdom how the tikis in Adventureland tell the story of the Show Quality Standards (SQS) program within Walt Disney Imaginering. Show Quality Standards allow the theme parks to maintain their original design as the years go by, allowing for age, growth, and evolution. When anything in the park needs to be replaced because of wear and tear or just old age, SQS groups, maintenance teams, and park operators work together to make certain the replacement is as good or better than the original.
The tikis were originally just an Adventureland decoration. When they had aged and detiorated through the years and were in need of replacement, the Imagineers took this opportunity to improve on the original tiki-as-decoration concept. Rebuilt using fiberglass under the direction of Imagineer Marc Davis, the tikis now show off steam and water abilities. More than just a decoration, the tikis now serve as a fun distraction and provide an opportunity to cool off a bit, which can be a welcome break during the hot Florida summers.
Need some more cooling off? Walk just a few feet and see the show at The Tiki Room, an attraction that the Imagineers say was rumored to be one of Walt Disney’s favorite attractions at Disneyland. I’m just really glad that Disney World has switched back to the original attraction. I love the “plussing” and improving the Imagineers do, but I was never a fan of the updated Tiki Room show. My own children saw this show for the first time at Christmas in 2011, at the ripe old ages of 14, 12 and 10, and they really liked it. In fact, we saw it three times. In the hot summer, the room is dark, cool, and the air conditioning is appreciated. Add a bench to rest your feet, Audio-Animatronic birds, fun songs, and some tiki-drumming, and your have yourself an adventure. My favorite place to sit? I like the row in the back, so I have a window seat for the rain storm.
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Wordless Wednesday — Angels at Disney

Welcome to another edition of the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop being hosted by my friend Deb over at Focused on the Magic! This is a great series that I love to participate in as much to see what all of you post as to share what I have with all of you!  Today’s theme is “Water, Water Everywhere!”  In this picture, we were crossing the Seven Seas Lagoon to arrive at the Magic Kingdom for the 40th Anniversary celebration.  In the picture are my “Angels”, my niece Stephanie and my daughter Sophie, the real reason why we go to Disney every year.  I hope you enjoy my picture, and I invite you to comment below and also see all of the other incredible selections!  Just click on the button below!

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