The Week That Was, January 8, 2012

Welcome back to another episode of the Week That Was, my friends!  I hope that you have had a Tiggerific start to your year, and thank you for stopping by My Dreams of Disney!

Before I get started on our normal weekly recap, I want to draw your attention to a post I wrote last night, “The Power of Prayer.”  I have several friends that are going through some incredibly trying times right now, and I hope that you will lift them up in your prayers during their difficult time.  If you have anything you need me or others to pray over, please feel free to comment on any post, write on my Facebook page, or shoot me an email to, and I’ll pray for you.

This week, we shared our normal pictures from the parks:

  • On Animal Kingdom Monday, I shared a picture from one of the best shows in all of Walt Disney World — Finding Nemo: The Musical!
  • The Voices of Liberty are a great vocal group, and on Epcot Tuesday, I shared a picture of Sophie with one of the wonderful singers of that very talented group!
  • On Wordless Wednesday, we talked about where our first steps in a park would be, so for my family, it’s really a no-brainer — Magic Kingdom it is!
  • For Hollywood Studios Thursday, I shared a picture from one of the scenes of the Great Movie Ride.
  • Lastly, for Magic Kingdom Friday, I reminded myself that the Magic Kingdom isn’t just all rides and shows — there are some incredible topiaries there as well!

Last Sunday The Disney Moms started a great contest for a Disney Dooney & Burke purse!  Check out all the details and don’t forget to enter!
My new writer Amanda had a couple of posts this week, welcome aboard Amanda!

  • In her first official post, she wrote a short introduction about herself and what she’s about.
  • Then, on Wednesday, she shared a picture of Cinderella Castle, but in addition, she told us some background information about the Castle.  Thanks Amanda!

On Saturday I wrote a quick tease about a great new podcast I found in the iTunes store.  Check out Disneyland Videos Podcast for more information!

Over at Chip & Company, I wrote the Week in Review for January 2nd, 2012.  This weekly review covers all of the great news and views stories that we present for you during the week.  I also wrote a post about the Tomorrowland Speedway.  Do you think it should be upgraded?  Lastly, on Sunday my review of the app Muppet Mail was posted.  If you are thinking about this app, I hope you’ll give it a try, I’ve enjoyed it!

Thanks for stopping by, everyone!  Have a great week! registered & protected

The Power of Prayer

The power of prayer is an incredible thing, and on this dark January night, I need to open up about a few things that have made my heart a little heavy.

My friend Heidi woke up this morning, took a shower, and got out of the shower not remembering many crucial details about her life.  Tests are coming up negative, but please keep her in your prayers for healing and restoration in what must be a very scary time for her and her family.

My friend Tricia has a brother-in-law fighting for his life right now.  He is in a very critical stage at this point, and any prayers you can send for him will be greatly appreciated.  Please pray for healing for him, and for Tricia’s son, whose finger has an infection that needs healing.

My good friend Ken has been battling a serious form of cancer for several months now, and has had some huge ups and downs.  I am really concerned for Ken, and have been praying for him for months now.  Please include him and his wife Helen in your prayers so that we can get some healing his way as well.

My dear, dear friend Susan just lost a granddaughter on December 22nd.  She was stillborn, and Susan and her family have been truly torn up by this.  They are strong Christians, and we have been praying for them daily since we heard about it, but prayers from you all for God’s Peace and Comfort for them during this time will surely go a long way towards helping them.

My friend Rebekah just lost her father on the 4th, and the services are on Monday.  Prayers for her and her family will be appreciated as well.

My friend Monica has some things weighing on her heart right now.  I won’t go into specifics, but if you would please lift her up in prayer, I will greatly appreciate it.

Lastly, please pray for my Sophie.  There isn’t a whole lot wrong with her, but we are trying to get her into a new school for 6th grade, and it is a long shot that we will succeed.  Please pray that God’s Will will help dictate which direction she needs to go for middle school.  Also please pray for her that the kids that pick on her will stop doing so.  If you’ve never met her, you won’t know that she is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, without a mean bone in her body.  She can and does give so much of herself to her classmates, and there are some in her grade that abuse that caring nature that she has, so please pray that God will protect her from them as needed.

The Disney community has a huge collective heart, and I have developed some incredible friendships with many people just by putting words to “paper” since starting my blog.  Please lift up all of these kind souls with the prayers they need, and if there is anyone that you need prayers for, please by all means leave me a note in the comments, or send it to me via email to

God Bless All of you, and thank you for reading. registered & protected