Iconic Disney Photographs: Hi, I’m Amanda!

My name is Amanda, and the essential part of my Disney vacation, my camera, is held up by a red Mickey Mouse camera strap.

I am so excited to be a new staff writer for My Dreams of Disney.

I’m pretty new to the blogging scene, and I arrived there differently than most true bloggers. I had some Walt Disney World photos I wanted to share, so I set up a facebook page. A couple of months later, with tremendous help from My Dreams of Disney ‘s Mike Ellis, I started a blog, mouzekateerz.com, as a platform for more people to see my photography. Mike didn’t just help me- he built the site from the ground up. He’s an amazing writer and a computer genius!! Mike and I both write for Chip & Company and The Disney Moms. I also write each week for Meet The Magic, and I have just recently become “the Photo Diva” at Tips from The Disney Diva. I’m doing a lot of writing, and I’m taking a lot of pictures I’d like to share.
I believe every photo has a story.
I am by no stretch of the imagination a professional photographer. But I really enjoy photography; I am what I describe as a “visual hoarder.” A Disney vacation fan and high school teacher by profession, I have three children age nine to thirteen. I’ve photographed them at Disney World in utero, through diapers, terrible 2s and 6s, and now into their early teens. When they stopped standing still for pictures, I started snapping more shots of the rides and the amazing Walt Disney World architecture. I’ve used 35 mm cameras, cell phones, $100 pocket cameras, and I currently use a mid-range Nikon. But I believe in using whatever it takes to get the shot, to capture the memories.
Come along wth me on a photographical ride through Walt Disney World …I’ll see you here at My Dreams of Disney.

Animal Kingdom Monday’s — Dude Crush!

Without a doubt, in my opinion one of the best shows you can find on Disney Property, Finding Nemo: The Musical incorporates great music, incredible sets, great actors, and a good story to bring the movie to life, right before your eyes.  The picture of Dude Crush was taken June 21, 2011, and is one of my better shots from that venue.  I hope you enjoy it!

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