Epcot Tuesday’s — The Land

Welcome to another Epcot Tuesday photo! This picture comes to us from The Land pavilion, with those really cool balloons in the ceiling.  The Land pavilion is one of our favorite, because it is home to one of our favorite restaurants in The Garden Grill Restaurant; it is also home to The Land Boat Ride, and of course, it is home to Cindy’s favorite attraction, Soarin’!

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The Week That Was, January 29th, 2012

Welcome back to another Week that Was on My Dreams of Disney!  We’ve had a really busy week, so let’s take a look at all that was written this week.

In our “Pictures from the Park” series, we had the following photos published:

  • On Monday we shared a picture of the flamingos at Animal Kingdom, and asked the question, Where’s Iago?
  • On Tuesday we shared a picture of one of my favorite structures at Walt Disney World — Spaceship Earth!
  • For Wordless Wednesday the theme was wildlife, and I shared a picture of my buddy from Animal Kingdom!
  • On Thursday we looked at what would be one of the perfect Disney Days — a shot from Hollywood Studios of blue skies, low crowds, and people in shorts just enjoying the summer weather!
  • On Magic Kingdom Friday I took a look at the Enchanted Tiki Room. Which version do you like better, the new one after the refurbishment, or the “Under New Management” version?
  • Also on Friday I shared a picture for Flashback Friday.  This was from 2006 when Cindy, Sophie and I took my Mom to the Magic Kingdom for the day.

On Saturday I shared an interview I conducted with Dennis Hansen, the creator of the Disneyland Videos Podcast on iTunes.  If you haven’t seen these videos, check out the podcast — it’s free and a great way to relive some memories from your Disney trips!

Over on Chip & Company, I posted the week in review for January 23rd, 2012.

Over at The Disney Moms, I’m raising the next generation of Disney fans!  Also, I started on a special series to help all of you discover the blogs of the Disney Moms!  First up was Natalie’s Meet The Magic!

I hope you all have a great week, thanks for stopping by to visit!

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Special Interview with Dennis Hansen, Creator of the Disneyland Videos Podcast!

Hello everyone, and welcome to a special Saturday post on My Dreams of Disney! It isn’t often that we have a post on Saturday, but I have been granted an interview with Dennis Hansen, the creator of the Disneyland Videos Podcast on iTunes! While many of us haven’t heard the name Dennis Hansen before, you will definitely want to look up his podcast after you read this interview! 

MDOD: Dennis, thank you so much for taking the time to answer some
questions for me, it is really great that you would agree to do so!  I found out about your series of Disney
videos in the Facebook Group “You Might Be A Disney Addict…” and I think that,
with the number of videos you have in your podcast, you might just be an Addict
yourself!  Is this the case?
DH: I decided a few years ago that I would go to Disneyland in
California and video tape some attractions and upload them to YouTube and
iTunes. After being there myself I did fall in love with Disneyland. After
seeing how my video views were growing I went to Disney World 2 years later and
videotaped attractions there. When I finish editing those videos, I will go
back to Disneyland and film new attractions and ones I missed the first time. I
find myself addicted to some of my own videos, especially the ones with great
Disney music!
MDOD: Did you have to get any special permission to make these
videos, or to publish them on your podcast?  For those that need the address, you can find it on iTunes.
DH: I did check with Disney but received no reply but I saw a
lot of people were already uploading videos to YouTube.  Disney has always encouraged people to
take photos with the sale of Kodak film back in the old days. It continues with
Disney encouraging people to upload their own photos and video to their
Memories website. (http://memories.disneyparks.disney.go.com/). A lot of people
tell me that after seeing the videos they plan on going there. Some attractions
clearly state there will be no videotaping allowed and I always respect that.
MDOD: When you record your videos for a particular event, such as
the one you did for the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, do you record in one
sitting, or do you find you need to ride the attraction (or watch the parade,
etc.) multiple times and then edit it all together?

DH: It depends on the attraction. When I want to get close-ups
of the Disney cast members I will go back for a 2nd taping with a close-up
lens.  I might even film a 3rd or
4th time using a different camera. Then I bring them all together in an editing
program and add original Disney soundtracks to enhance the music.
MDOD: Do you have a favorite video that you produced that you
remember fondly, and would you like to talk about what makes that video
DH: I like “Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmastime Parade”
since it uses a lot of Disney cast members, and has some great music. It took
me about 30 hours to edit this video and get the music just right.
MDOD: From a technical aspect, it would seem that in some of the
videos it would be almost impossible to keep your camera still.  Do you have any tips for amateurs like
myself on how to make your videos incredible?

DH: I try to use my tripod wherever I can. It makes a big
difference. If I can’t use a tripod I hold the camera very still. I also take
along a sound recorder. My hobby is videography and I learned a lot from the
internet. I am always trying to improve myself.
MDOD: When you take a vacation to Disney (World or Land), how much
time do you spend recording your videos? 
Do you find that your videotaping adds to your vacation, or does it
sometimes feel like a job to you?
DH: Last year I went to Disney World for 12 days.  I was there every day filming but I
really enjoyed it! I have enough for 60 videos but have only edited about 40 so
far! This year I let my wife take the kids go there, but I stayed at home
editing.  I feel I am doing a
service since a lot of people around the world cannot afford to go there but
they still get to see the attractions. I don’t make any money off it but I have
the time and expertise to do it. I also have made my videos available in China
(where Disney is planning to build the next park).
MDOD: Dennis, I would like to thank you for providing access to
your videos to all of us Disney enthusiasts.  During the cold winter months when we are far from our
favorite vacation hangout, these videos work wonders to keep the Disney Magic
alive at home!  Thanks for
answering my questions!
DH: Your Welcome!

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Magic Kingdom Flashback Friday!

Today I’m joining in another edition of Flashback Friday! Thanks to my friend Deb over at Focused on the Magic for hosting this! Today’s photo is of the trip we made to the Magic Kingdom with my Mom in 2006. Just a one day trip, but my Mom had fun, Sophie had fun, and we got this picture out of that day (along with 164 others!) I hope you enjoy!  To see the rest of the great entries, just click on the button to head on over!

Focused on the Magic

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