Animal Kingdom Monday’s — The Road Less Traveled

Ask almost anyone, and they’ll tell you that the Animal Kingdom is a half day park.  While it is true that Animal Kingdom doesn’t have the attractions that provide true staying power, what people often forget is that Disney’s Animal Kingdom park is one of the most beautiful of all of the parks at Walt Disney World.

My wife took this picture, and several more like it, while I was in line for Kali River Rapids with my daughter Sophie and niece Stephanie.  It is a beautiful picture, and I couldn’t do better myself.

The secret to the Animal Kingdom comes down to these crucial two words: “Slow Down.”  Don’t be in such a hurry.  Take a step back, and enjoy the beauty of all there is to enjoy at the Animal Kingdom.  Plan your day accordingly, and you’ll find yourself enjoying the wonderful moments that you create on your own, whether it is taking in Expedition Everest, or Kali River Rapids, or enjoying the incredible shows, Festival of the Lion King or Finding Nemo: The Musical.

While it is probably true that in terms of true E-Ticket attractions, Animal Kingdom is a bit lacking.  But take a look at all that Disney offers you in terms of “eye candy” and you’ll find that there is so much more to Animal Kingdom than the big attractions and shows.  If you let it, you might just find that you like Animal Kingdom more than you thought!  So tell me please, what is your favorite part of Animal Kingdom? registered & protected