Welcome to another Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop, hosted by my friend Debs Dis from Focused on the Magic!  I hope you enjoy my picture of Sophie with Sorcerer Mickey.  Click on the button below to see the rest of the entries!  Thanks for stopping by!

Focused on the Magic

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14 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday – Sorcerer Mickey”

  1. Great picture!  We have yet to see Sorcerer Mickey in person, but I love that outfit for him.  :)

  2. Thanks everyone on the comments!  Christina, I like Sorcerer Mickey also!  Head over to Hollywood Studios to see him there — I think this was in the Art of Animation building, but I'll need to confirm that.  Heidi, I'll check it out!  Deb, I'm not the HM expert, that would be my wife and daughter, so I didn't even notice them!  Thanks Erica, Manda, and Casey!

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