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Today I’m filling in for my friend Faith on the Magical Blogorail Teal Line!  Thanks everyone for having me!  Today’s topic of discussion is our Disney Pet Peeves!

When it comes to Disney, there really isn’t a lot that I don’t enjoy about Walt Disney World!  If there were, we wouldn’t be going to Disney World every year, and sometimes more than once a year!

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some things that I wish were done differently, and those are the things that I’m going to focus on with regards to my pet peeves.

My friend Kristin — the DisneyDiva who also writes for Chip & Company, penned an article last month about her take on the top 5 most annoying “People” at the Disney Parks, and while I have seen all of these in my years at the park, these are not the pet peeves that I have to express.

Most of my pet peeves center on decisions that have been made by Disney management.  Here is my list of Pet Peeves:

  • Avatar at Animal Kingdom
  • Monorail closings before the end of extra magic hours

Avatar at Animal Kingdom
The first thing I’m talking about is the so-called “Avatar Land” at the Animal Kingdom.   While I suspect that Disney feels like the Animal Kingdom is a half day park, in my opinion — and trust me, this is opinion only — going the way of Avatar to me makes no sense.  I haven’t even seen the Avatar movies.

Like most things related to Disney, Disney reports something on the initial announcement, people complain, and Disney tweaks the original idea and the end result is somewhere in the middle between what Disney announced, and what the public screamed about.

Disney does a great job of providing a great product to the Guests that frequent their parks, and I have no doubt that they will do so in this instance also.  So while I don’t understand the decision behind Avatar Land, I have no doubt that it will be something that likely will interest me when it opens up!

Monorail closings before the end of Extra Magic Hours

The other pet peeve that I want to talk with you about is the Monorail closings before the end of extra magic hours.

While I totally understand, and actually appreciate the need to perform maintenance on the Monorail system, I’m not a fan of this at all.  I actually think that what should be investigated instead — and I’m not naive enough to think it hasn’t — is replacing the monorail cars with new equipment.  The monorail system is aging, especially the cars.  If I remember correctly, the last new monorails were installed in 1988 or something near there — that’s a long time ago.  Rather than trying to beat a dead horse, perhaps that horse should be retired and replaced with a newer car?

I’m not an engineer, so I have no doubt that there are some things that may be preventing this from being done — although cost should not be one of those things.  I think the new CEO when they are announced should take this on as one of their projects to get done for the benefit of all.

My family and I love going to Walt Disney World.  If Disney wasn’t as great as it is, we wouldn’t go, and we wouldn’t have bought our Disney Vacation Club, and we wouldn’t be bringing our friends and family as often as we do, and so on, and so on.  So these two pet peeves are certainly not deal-breakers by any stretch of the imagination.  More like confusions…

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