As we continue on with our series, I’m bringing to you some blogs that you might want to take a look at. I am both proud and honored to be affiliated with both the great writers of Chip & Company, and the incredible group that is known as the Magical Blogorail, and in this small way, I hope to be able to say thanks to those bloggers that have helped to make me the blogger that I am. Next on our list is LeagueCityMouse’s site, The Magical Mouse Pad!

The Magical Mouse Pad and it’s creator, LeagueCityMouse, is a member of the Magical Blogorail Black line.  In her most recent post for the Magical Blogorail, she joined the other members of the line in discussing the one thing about Walt Disney World that she wishes was brought back.  For LCM, that choice was the Fort Wilderness Railroad.

In addition to her writing for the Blogorail, LCM also enjoys writing about various things having to do with Walt Disney World.  For example, she recently wrote two posts about the 40th Anniversary Celebration of Walt Disney World, including this story about the expectations regarding the celebration, which I thought was one of the best pieces I’ve read about it.

LeagueCityMouse has developed a nice site for any Disney enthusiast, so if you have not read her blog, you really should!  It it well written, timely, and full of great Disney information!  Just click on the Blogorail logo to head to her site! registered & protected



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