As we continue on with our series, I’m bringing to you some blogs that you might want to take a look at. I am both proud and honored to be affiliated with both the great writers of Chip & Company, and the incredible group that is known as the Magical Blogorail, and in this small way, I hope to be able to say thanks to those bloggers that have helped to make me the blogger that I am. Next on our list is my friend Lee’s site, Disleelandia!

My friend Lee is one of the writers for Chip and Company.  Like me, Lee has what would be best described as an “odd sense of humor”, but despite that, Lee has written some great posts for Chip and Company, and is a good friend.

Lee’s blog site is Disleelandia, a site where Lee likes to talk about his favorite Disney pastime — collecting!  Lee has a substantial collection, and he takes great care to talk about his favorite pieces on a regular basis.  Being Canadian, Lee is not able to frequent Walt Disney World as often as he would like to, but he shows his love of Disney every day in his collectibles and in his writing!  If you haven’t been to check out his site, I urge you to take a look! Just click on the image at the top! registered & protected



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