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Hello again this is Sophie.  I’ve got some trivia questions for you.

What makes every girl (some
boys too) do handstands, cartwheels, and back flips?

What makes every teen wish
they had a toddler sister?

What makes kids want to be wizards?

What makes kids
AND teens want to have advanced natural talent? (if they don’t it’s OK, if they do that
is fine you can still watch it.) 


Yes, children
and teenagers around the world watch the spectacular presentations.

Some of the
most popular are:

  • Good Luck Charlie
  • A.N.T Farm
  • Wizards of Waverly Place. 

Good Luck Charlie is about a teenage girl named Teddy Duncan with three
siblings: PJ, Gabe, and Charlie. Teddy has been making video diaries for her
sister Charlie, who is the youngest of the four.

A.N.T Farm is about some 11
year olds who go to Webster High School. The kids are known as A.N.T.’s because
they are part of a group called the A.N.T. farm. There is China, Angus, Olive,
and Fletcher. A.N.T stands for advanced natural talent. The kids go on some
crazy adventures and solve some problems.

Wizards of Waverly Place is about the
Russo wizard family, who are in a family wizard contest. There is Alex, Justin,
and Max. To get back into their family wizard contest Alex and Justin teach
young wizards the elements of magic. Max on the other side of the wand is still in the contest. There are different presentations of
these movies and I say children around the world should watch these presentations.

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  1. Children, teens and sometimes adults! I love Good Luck Charlie! It is so funny! :) Great Post!

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