September 4, 1913.  Forty-two years before Disneyland would open, fifty-eight years before Walt Disney World would open, Henry Mitchell Canfield was born.

My Grandpa is as big a blessing in my life as I have.  All of the Disney references aside, Grandpa and I have had a bond that has lasted throughout the test of time.  My Grandpa was the one that took us to Walt Disney World for my first visit to the “World” in 1979.  He has been there whenever I’ve needed him, and today, I am here for him.  Happy Birthday Grandpa!  We love you!  In this picture, my Grandpa is seen wearing my Mickey Safari Hat that I picked up over at the Magic Kingdom!  Enjoy!

The Good Lord chose to take Grandpa home this morning at 12:01 AM, right after we sung Happy Birthday to him on his 98th birthday.  His family was all there in person or in spirit, and he just slept the most peaceful sleep.  He came Home.  I’ll miss him, but I’m also celebrating — he is right where he belongs, right next to my Grandma.

Thank you for stopping by today — it means the world to all of us. registered & protected



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