Today’s photo is another picture from our first visit when staying on property, in August 2007. Over by City Hall was a line, and if you were waiting in line, you could get your picture taken with Clarabelle Cow! Sophie wanted to have her picture taken with her, and get her autograph also, so we waited in line.  Wouldn’t you know, when we were the next ones in line, it was time for Clarabelle to take a break!  However, our disappointment was short lived, because her handler told me that if we were to wait here, Clarabelle would be back in just a few minutes, and that she would have a surprise guest with her.  Since it wasn’t going to be long, we decided to wait, and wouldn’t you know Clarabelle came out with her beau, Horace Horsecollar!  Sophie was extremely excited to see both of them, because she really liked Clarabelle from the new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoon on Disney Channel.  So today’s picture is Sophie, book-ended by Clarabelle on the left and Horace on the right.  Do you know, I haven’t seen them in the park since, although they may certainly have been elsewhere. registered & protected



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  1. Thanks, Heidi! We were excited to see them also. I did some research later on, and I think that they were only there during that summer or something like that, so we were extremely fortunate. Next week I'll have a photo you'll enjoy I think, from back in the days of Animal Kingdom when they had EVENING extra magic hours…That will be on Monday.

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