Are you applying for the Walt Disney World Moms Panel?

In five short days, the Walt Disney World Moms Panel will begin accepting applications for this year’s hopeful Moms! You may remember that I wrote about the upcoming process a couple of months ago.  The process for applying is actually quite simple. 

On Monday, September 12th, the “Coming Soon” page on the Walt Disney World Moms Panel recruiting site will be transformed into an application page, if my memory serves me correctly.  At that moment, you will be able to login and submit your application for the panel!

The official times for entering your application are between 9:00 AM September 12th, and 11:59 PM Friday, September 16th.  There are some conditions to being able to enter, so make sure you check out the Disney World Moms Panel page for more information.

Last year, I entered my application right at the start of the entry period.  This time, I’m going to wait just a little bit before entering it.  I felt like I was a little rushed last time when doing it, so this time I’m going to make sure that the time is just right for entering my application.  Last year, I didn’t even make the second round, so I’m hoping for an improvement on that result, although to be quite honest, the real honor is just being considered for the panel.  To all of the judges for the 2012 Moms Panel, I thank you for looking over my application!

If you are looking for more information, make sure you check out the Coming Soon page for more information and details.  If you need a little Pixie Dust treatment, you can even check out their Facebook page! registered & protected