On September 8th, when My Dreams of Disney has it’s 1st Anniversary Facebook Party, we will be giving away a special lithograph from the Disney Store!  “Where Magic Lives” sums up for us what we like best about Walt Disney World.  It is the place we can go to experience the Magic makes Disney special.

To win this prize, there are certain ways that you can enter.  A person can get a total of six entries!  Here’s how:

  1. You will get one entry if you like our Facebook Fan Page.  If you already like the page, then you already have one entry!
  2. You will get one entry if you follow @Mickey_MDOD on Twitter.  Once again, those of you that follow us on Twitter already have an entry!
  3. One entry is awarded to those of you that subscribe to receive the My Dreams of Disney posts via email!  If you already are subscribed, then you can move on to the next step! However, if you need to do so, type your email in the space provided on the right side of the window, and click submit.  You will receive an email to verify the subscription, which you must to for the entry to count.  Look for the “Follow By Email” section to get started.
  4. Another entry will be awarded to those that say that they are going to attend the My Dreams of Disney Online Party on Facebook!
  5. Lastly, for those of you that want two extra entries, follow our blog via the Google Friend Connect widget we have on our blog!  If you already follow us that way, then you already have all of these entries!  Look for this section of the blog (again, it’s on the right hand side) to follow us via the GFC!

Good luck to everyone!  Remember, the winner will be announced during the Anniversary Party on Thursday, September 8th, and will be chosen using the website random.org.  I hope you all enjoy the countdown to the one year anniversary of My Dreams of Disney!  Thanks for reading, and thanks for joining us on our amazing run this past year!