Vacation Plans with Kerry, Neal, & Monica!

Today starts the planning phase for the next big vacation that we are taking.  Sometime next June, Cindy, Sophie and I will be vacationing at Walt Disney World with our great friends Kerry & Neal, their children River and Izaiah, and our friend Monica and her daughter Madelyne-Lois.  Being able to invite great friends and family members with us to Disney World is really why Cindy and I bought our Disney Vacation Club membership, and we can’t wait to take this vacation with them!

If you read my post yesterday for the Magical Blogorail, there are quite a few things that need to be considered when planning this sort of trip.  Here is the list of things that we need to look into:

  1. When are we going?
  2. Where are we staying?
  3. How long are we going on vacation for?
  4. How many days of tickets do we need?
  5. What dining arrangements do we want to make?
  6. Are we driving or flying?
  7. Lastly, how much fun are we going to have?!

So many plans to be made, but the first step is already under way, and that is the planning!  I can’t wait to get started.  In many ways, the planning part of the trip may be my favorite part of the process!  Being able to plan such great outings with our close friends, helping to spread the Disney Magic to those that haven’t experienced it before, is really what it is all about.  I love taking trips to Disney World, and I love being able to share that passion with others!  As they say, the pecking order goes like this:

  1. God is always first,
  2. Family comes second,
  3. Country comes third, and
  4. Disney comes fourth!

 Do you have any special vacations that you want to take?  If you do, and you want some help planning them, please feel free to drop me an email!  I love helping people plan their trips, and while I am NOT a Disney Travel Agent, I still love to help people explore their dreams, so feel free to ask any questions, and I’ll try to help you out!  Also, I know a lot of great TAs, and they are also ready to help.  So, for questions, send me an email to!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – 40 Days til Disney!

This picture was taken in August of 2009.  Believe it or not, but that shot was taken from one of the cars of the Walt Disney Railroad!  What really makes this picture for me, and why I love the Big Thunder Mountain so much, is the incredible detailing that the Imagineers spend so much time developing to enhance the attraction for us.  I’ve ridden BTMR dozens of times, and you know, there never ceases to be something new that I see when I take a ride.  For example, do you see the possum hanging from the tree in this shot?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that possum in all the times I’ve ridden BTMR, so now I’ve got something new to see!

Take a look at all of the details in the picture.  Is there anything that you see here that you hadn’t realized was in the attraction?