Jumbo Turkey Leg – 43 Days Until Disney!

In yesterday’s countdown photo, I mentioned that while the rest of the family was off riding the Kali River Rapids, Sophie and I were off to the Trilo Bites picking up a Jumbo Turkey Leg for Sophie.  I had one earlier, and Sophie liked it so much she wanted to get one of her own!  So off we went to get the turkey leg, and let me tell you, when Sophie got the turkey leg, she went to town on it!  It was so funny watching my 10 year old walking down the path at Animal Kingdom with this huge turkey leg in her hand — I’ll tell you that we had quite a few conversations with people who were looking at her!  We even had one family, similar to our group, with multiple generations represented, who had the Patriarch of the family kidding with Sophie about how he should help her with that because there was no way she would be able to eat it all!

But, other than the bite or two that I had, my girl was hungry, and ate all of that turkey leg!

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