Revue Winnie the Pooh

Hi, I’m Sophie. I’m a new reporter of my dad Mike. Today I’m writing my first revue on the new movie “Winnie the Pooh”. It’s about a bear named Winnie the Pooh or Pooh for short. And Eeyore has lost his tail and then Pooh discovered a note that said: “gon ott bissy back soon (C.R.).” Then all the animals thought Christopher Robin was kidnapped by a backson, so they set up a trap and Pooh fell for it. And so that isn’t all the events and there are a lot of funny events in the movie… (like the part when all the animals go brain dead.) You see owl flew out of the pit, not realizing what he was doing (neither did the other animals) after giving a speech he jumped back into the pit. The animals stared at him then said “Owl what a spectacular speech that was!”

Overall, I recommend you go see this movie!

My new contributor — Sophie!!!

I want you all to meet my newest My Dreams of Disney correspondent — my daughter Sophie!  Sophie is as much of a Disney fan as I am, and wants to add her special touch to our site!  For starters, Sophie will be providing a ten year old viewpoint on movie revues (her spelling), but you may remember the tips for a first time visitor post that she had a couple of months ago!

She is quite excited, and I know that you all will welcome her with open arms!