Happy Anniversary, Tower of Terror!

The date: July 22, 1994.
The place: Disney’s MGM Studios (as it was known back then)
The location: Sunset Boulevard
The attraction: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

That is right, today marks the 17th anniversary of the Tower of Terror opening up for thrillseekers!  Let me tell you, this attraction has become one of my daughter Sophie’s favorite attractions, and my wife loves it as well!  As for me — well, let’s just say that the first time I rode it, when my camera was going up when we were going down, that was all I needed to experience with that ride!

That being said, though, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror has, in my opinion, one of the best, if not the best, backstories of any of the attractions at any of the parks.

As you enter into the Hollywood Tower Hotel, you immediately are transported back to Holloween, 1939.  It was on that fateful day that lightning struck the hotel, causing an elevator full of guests to be transported to the Twilight Zone, never to be seen again — at least not until now!

It was while waiting in line to ride this attraction for the first time in 2008 that we ran into a newlywed couple named Bryanne and Tyler.  We struck up a conversation, I snapped a picture of them, emailed it to them, and Sophie and Bryanne became pen pals!

The backstory continues with a mysterious appearance by some of the elevator patrons — right before your eyes — and continues as you travel right into the Twilight Zone yourself!  The tension builds as you travel into the Zone, and then you stop, pitch black, not a shred of light to be seen — until the window opens up, and you are immediately plummeted to your doom!

Or so you think.  Down, up, down, up, will it never stop?  Fortunately for my stomach, it does stop eventually, and you get off the ride, either swearing that you will never ride that thing again, or, in the case of Sophie, asking me if we can get back in line to ride it again!

I have ridden the ride one more time, in 2010, and I had determined that for this ride, I would snap pictures while we were in the ride, hopefully making it easier for me to get through it.  Here is one of the pictures I took, right as we were about to drop:

If you haven’t ridden the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, I really do recommend that you at least try it.  But, if you prefer not to, that’s okay also.  One last thing I picked up on YouTube is absolutely incredible, and really plays into the ToT backstory.  This video was taken by a Guest one night.  I thought it was a really cool piece of video.  Enjoy!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipMEbqJ6XA8

So happy anniversary, Tower of Terror!  You have lived up to your name in this writer’s opinion!

Follow Us with GFC

As many of you know, one of the things that you can do to attract readers to your blog is to have them “Follow You”.  There are several ways of doing this — you can use Facebook and Twitter as a way of getting your message out there; you can have your readers subscribe to you via email so they get an email with the day’s posts, and yet another way, you can use Google Friend Connect to get followers.

While I haven’t been using GFC very much — I have definately had an on again, off again relationship with it, it occurred to me that I should be using GFC to attract followers.  Many of my fellow bloggers and friends are running contests, and without a doubt most of them are using Google Friend Connect as one of the stipulations for entering the contest.

So here’s what I’m thinking.  Right now, I have 32 followers via Google Friend Connect.  Please pass the word around, let’s see how many followers we can get on My Dreams of Disney!  My one year anniversary of the blog is coming up on September 8th — wow! — and I will be having an anniversary contest!  And, while I’m not officially saying it right now, it is entirely possible that the winner will come from Google Friend Connect followers!

Look for more information about the contest in the weeks to come!  Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

Where (and What?) in the World…Revealed

Yesterday I asked the question, “Where (and what?) in the World…” is this picture from?

Whenever I do these sorts of games, I never expect to pose much of a problem for all of you, and well, that was exactly the case last night!

Danielle had the correct answers on the Facebook page three minutes after the post hit, and as reader DensterSRQ said:

That’s an easy one! Disney Hollywood Studios…it’s the arm of one of the big plastic monkeys stretched across Pixar Place!!! Grins!

So, while you all know the answer, here is the original picture for you to enjoy (I hope)!

Barrel of Monkees over at Pixar Place in Disney’s Hollywood Studios