Behind the Dreams

The story of My Dreams of Disney begins like this; I have been going
to Walt Disney World since I was ten years old.  My Grandma and Grandpa
were the first to take us there, along with my Mom and my sister.

Since that trip, I have been many other times, both with my Grandparents, by myself, but most importantly, I have brought the Disney Magic home by
introducing my wife Cindy and my daughter Sophie to Walt Disney World.

Taking them to Disney has become a tradition in our family.  It is not
uncommon for us to talk about our next trip while at the dinner table,
or to play a Disney playlist while in the car going somewhere, even if
we are months from our next trip.

Our next trip to Disney World is from June 17 – 24th, 2011.  This is going to be perhaps
our greatest trip so far in all of our adventures to Disney.  Last June,
Cindy and I decided that it was time, and we purchased points in the
Disney Vacation Club
.  So this coming June, we will be staying in a
two-bedroom suite at Bay Lake Tower at Contemporary Resort — a stones
throw from Space Mountain and the Magic Kingdom.  Coming with us on our
trip will be Cindy’s brother Otis, his wife Nancy, their daughter Anna
Jane, and Nancy’s Mom Sherry.  Additionally, my niece Stephanie will be
coming, as will her boyfriend.

Sophie and Anna Jane are so excited about their trip to Disney World together!  Already
Sophie has been making plans on what rides they want to ride first, and
Anna Jane has been thinking of what outfits they should purchase
together for their trip!  Anna Jane has never been to Disney World, so
this trip is special for all of us because we will get to see the Disney
Magic born again in the eyes of our six-year-old niece.

In a nutshell, My Dreams of Disney is my repository of memories about Walt
Disney World.  The memories of past trips that we have taken, both when
I was a kid being taken by my family, and now my memories of when I’m
the Dad, taking my family on vacation and helping them to have memories
that they will remember when they grow up.  This site is a labor of
love; a joyous, constant reminder that for us, Walt Disney
World is that place that we can go to when we need to forget about the
troubles of the world for a while; that place where we can wear Mickey
Ears or Minnie Ears (or my Mickey Safari Hat); and most of all, that
place where we can feel the stress, worry, and anxiety of the world roll
off of our shoulders, and just remember that we are all kids at heart,
as long as we choose to be.  And that, my friends, is why I started this

My Dreams of Disney — The Week That Was

In a new feature, starting Sunday, July 24, 2011, I’m going to talk about the posts I’ve had on various sites.  As most of you know, I write both for My Dreams of Disney and Chip & Company.  The weekly recap will allow you to check out both sites if you find a post that interests you that you may have missed!  I hope you enjoy!