Vacationing tomorrow!

Taking a family vacation!

Tomorrow My Dreams of Disney takes off for our family vacation!  Over the next week, while you may see some pictures that I’ve taken from viewpoints at Walt Disney World, for the most part you won’t see much activity.  However, please check back the following week for a lot of great posts about the following subjects:

  1. Our next My Dreams of Disney contest
  2. Reviews of Bay Lake Tower
  3. Photographic trips down memory lane of our vacation
  4. Thoughts on some of the attractions we rode
  5. Perspectives from some of my family on their vacation — because it is their vacation also!

Coming tomorrow, of course, is the Magical Blogorail Red loop, so check back for that article as well as the articles from all of my MBRed teammates!

Until next time, my friends, have a Magical Day, and thank you as always for reading My Dreams of Disney!