I can’t speak for the rest of our family, but I for one am counting down the days until we leave for Disney World!  As of right now, we are standing at 43 days!  Tomorrow will mark six weeks until we leave for Florida!  I can’t wait!  How long until your next trip to Disney World or Disneyland?



8 Replies to “Counting Down the Days!”

  1. Yay!! We have waaaaayyy too long until our next trip. We just got back at the end of March and won't be going again until next March!

  2. Amanda! I just checked out your blog, if you are interested, I got the countdown timer over at mickeypath.com. It is a small widget with a PNG (image) file on it that you can use on your blog. That might make your days until your next trip just a little bit shorter! Thanks for writing!

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