After a hiatus, I have picked back up on my “Favorite Sites and Sounds” series, where I look at my favorite sites and sounds at the different Walt Disney World Parks.  In today’s edition, I’m looking at Animal Kingdom, that often overlooked, but still important cog at Walt Disney World.

When I think about the Animal Kingdom, there are a few memories that immediately jump to the head of the pack.  So, counting down from five, here are my top five sites and sounds at Animal Kingdom!

5) One of my favorite sites and sounds happened in August, 2007, when we came to Animal Kingdom — for the now extinct evening Extra Magic Hours — and were able to participate in the nighttime Block Party over in DinoLand, U.S.A.  That was a lot of fun, especially for Sophie, and something that I don’t think I’ll forget that quickly.  Remember this picture?

4) At number four, I bring back another memory that we have from that same trip in 2007.  One afternoon, as we were leaving the Animal Kingdom to head out, we were walking towards the entrance and got stuck in the roping that was put up for the parade that was about to start.  The name of the parade was Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade, and as luck would have it — and trust me, it was pure luck — the location where we were trapped was the perfect spot to watch the parade from.  We had a great view, and we were all able to enjoy the parade so much more than we thought we would!

3) At number three, I’m going to take us on over to an outdoor dining location that, when you work it right, can be a peaceful, relaxing respite from a busy day spent touring the park.  I’m talking about one of my favorite restaurants: Flame Tree Barbeque, over on Discovery Island.  This place has it all: incredible counter service food, great outdoor seating, and some good views of the Discovery River.  Couple that with the cool outdoor theme music that plays while you eat, and you get a relaxing respite, and a belly full of great food!

2) At number two, I’m setting sail on a journey under the sea, as we go visit Finding Nemo – The Musical over in Dinoland, U.S.A.  This musical is a great rendition of the Pixar movie, and is a great indoor attraction to take in the sites and sounds with.  The theater is huge, but does fill up fast, so you need to make sure you get your place in line so that you don’t miss it.

1) And lastly, coming in at number one of my favorites sites and sounds at Animal Kingdom, I’m taking you over to Camp Minnie-Mickey, where we are going to sit in on a production of Festival of the Lion King!  This incredible musical is up there with Beauty and the Beast over at Hollywood Studios as one of the top stage performances at Walt Disney World.  If you have never seen it, go now (well, after you finish reading my blog, anyway!)  When you get in the queue, if you are one of the lucky ones that actually makes it into the theater to see the show (we have missed out the past two years, and are determined to see it this year), you will be grouped in a section where you will take on a role in the performance, either as a giraffe, warthog, lion, or elephant (depending on where you are seated).  This performance is a truly great must see, and I encourage you to get over and see it during your next visit!

That concludes my list of my favorite sites and sounds at Animal Kingdom.  I hope that you have enjoyed your visit around the Animal Kingdom, and that you will think about these things when you get over on your next visit!  Next up on our sites and sounds tour is Hollywood Studios!  See you next time!



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  1. Hey Kelly! We've never seen the block party since, and now Animal Kingdom doesn't do any evening extra magic hours, so I think they were just trying it out for that summer or something. It was really lucky for us to be able to see it! Thanks!

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