It is a question that is being asked quite a bit across the Internet, in forums, blog sites, even on the Walt Disney World Mom’s Panel.  How young is to young to take your child to Disney World?

The answer to this question isn’t the same for everyone.  For us, when we had our daughter, she was born seven weeks early, and weighed four pounds, two ounces.  We decided early on that her first trip to Disney would be when she was older, and had “caught up” with the rest of the kids her age.  As a result, Sophie was four when we went to Disney for the first time with her.

However, we have seen families with newborns at the Magic Kingdom, and if you are considering a trip to Disney with your young family, there is great news for you!  Disney has considered all sorts of the possibilities for young families, and is very accommodating towards younger family members.

Here are some of the tips that you should know if you are planning that trip:

  • At each of the theme parks there is a Baby Care Center, which is for families to take care of such things as diaper changes, nursing mothers, and other needs.  The nice thing is that there is are rooms for Moms and their babies, and a room for Dads and their other kids to wait comfortably.
  • Another thing that is really nice to keep in mind is that Disney will supply a Pack ‘n’ Play in your room for children under age three, so if you have a family of five and one is a younger child, there is a place for them to sleep that doesn’t include between Mom and Dad.
  • A very important consideration to keep in mind is that all of you, but especially you and your baby, need to stay hydrated.  Make sure that you have plenty of fluids for all of you to drink, especially during hot days.
  • When you have a baby, it’s important to keep in mind that the pace that you will visit the parks will vary significantly to the pace you set when you are all older.  Remember that your visit with a baby should be much more relaxed, both for your sake and your baby’s!
  • One thing that Disney does to help new families enjoy the attractions is to have the rider swap capability.  This program, which is available at select attractions, allows one of you to wait in line while the other waits with your child, and when they get off the ride, they can approach a cast member for a fast pass that the other parent can use to go right to the front of the line to enjoy the attraction.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that all children under the age of three are admitted free to the parks, so if you are interested in taking a vacation with your family, you won’t have any costs for the vacation related to your baby!
  • Make sure you pack extra clothes and diapers, and be sure to take frequent breaks so that you all stay refreshed.

Whether or not to take a young child to Disney World is a decision that is different for every family.  However, if you have considered it and have made the decision to make that trip, there are a wealth of resources available to you to help you plan that trip.  One of the best that I have found is a book written by Lisa Battista, Beyond the Attractions: A Guide to Walt Disney World With Preschoolers.  This book has a wealth of information for parents with young children, so consider taking a look at it if you are planning that trip.

As always, remember that the point of your Disney World Vacation is to have a good time, so take time to plan the things that are most important for your family – regardless of their age – and that will make your vacation that much more special.

Mickey is a Disney Fan, and loves taking his family to Walt Disney World!  When he isn’t writing on his own blog, you can also find him writing over at Chip & Company!  In addition, Mickey has recently been included in the Magical Blogorail Red loop, so you can follow him there also!  If you get confused on where to find him, just check out his Facebook Fan Page or his Twitter account for more information!



6 Replies to “Traveling to Disney: How Young is Too Young?”

  1. Mike – I am someone who brought my youngest when she was just 10 months. She won't remember one moment of it, but she laughed and smiled the entire week. The thing to realize for parents is that you need to take in those little moments. My favorite picture of Emily on her first trip, she was in her stroller holding a park map in Adventureland. She was dancing like crazy to the background music. She was having the time of her life. She even showed off those dance skills at Crystal Palace, Hoop Dee Doo and everywhere she heard music. They are amazing moments and Disney has a lot of options for family's travelling with little ones to make sure everyone has a great vacation!

  2. Exactly, Beth! When you bring a young one that won't remember the trip, you aren't bringing her for their benefit (although they benefit also, they just don't know it), you are bringing her for your benefit! Those memories are priceless, and just one more thing that makes Disney that wonderful magical place that it is! Thanks for commenting!

  3. These are all great tips. We brought my son for our second birthday and so many people told us he was too young and wouldn't remember. True, but he had fun at the time, we remember it and we have pictures. We plan on going every year though.

    I can see if this is going to be a once in a lifetime trip then maybe around 5 or 6?

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