Disney Winning from ChicagoParent.com

Imagine my surprise when, on February 15th, I received notification from @MariaPilarClark that I had won a contest I entered on the Cosmotot blog at ChicagoParent.com!  What a happy email that was!  The contest was simple to enter, and I did so not even dreaming that I would win, but I did!  And the best part about the winning?  The prize pack was really cool!  Take a look at the prizes that were sent to me from the Disney Store!

A match set of Valentine’s Mugs! Perfect for Hot Chocolate!
Look at the handle!

Minnie’s Cup has a big heart also!

In addition to the Valentine’s mugs, we also got a really cool set of Mickey and Minnie Plush dolls!  Take a look at these!

Mickey holding Minnie’s Heart
And Minnie holding Mickey’s Heart!

What the plush doesn’t show is that the heart opens up, and a “To/From” Valentine Card is inserted inside!  In addition to these shots, take a look at some of the details on the Minnie Plush!

Look at Minnie’s Hat

The plush dolls are called “Pie-Eyed” because of the way the eyes are.

Minnie’s Overall Look!
To top it off, a Disney Valentine’s Day Reusable Tote Bag!

It was really cool to win this prize package!  I’ll tell you, we were all very excited in the Mickey household!  My daughter Sophie wanted to claim all of it as her’s, but I put the kibosh on the mugs! She is happy, though, she’s got two new Mickey and Minnie plush toys to play with!  It was a really great prize pack, full of a lot of really fun items!  At this point, I wish to thank some folks for their nice generosity:

  1. Maria Pilar Clark — for announcing the contest on her Cosmotot blog and hosting it with ChicagoParent.com!
  2. ChicagoParent.com — I have liked your Facebook page, and I am getting some great parenting tips now (in addition to winning the contest! A double bonus!)
  3. The Disney Store and the @DisneyStorePrez — Thanks for giving away such great items for contests all across the Internet!

Thanks everyone for reading!  Have a Magical Day!