The 100th post on My Dreams of Disney

I was looking at the blog last night and realized that my post today – titled “Walt Disney World: Planning the Perfect Day” was the 99th post I have created since MDOD started on September 8, 2010. As a thank you to all of my readers, I thought that I would take some time today to highlight some of my all time favorite posts. I hope you enjoy! If you have a post that you liked and it isn’t mentioned here, just let me know!

My progression through MDOD begins with my second post.  The first post was an introduction to the blog, which at the time was known as Dreams of Disney.  However, the second post, My First Trip, was about our very first trip to the place “Where Dreams Come True”.  Even now, re-reading that post brings back all of the memories that I wanted to remember in later years — the real reason why My Dreams of Disney was created.

The next stop on my favorite posts takes us to when we were Eating Our Way Through Disney.  I like this post because it brings me back to that precious time when we were preparing for Sophie coming into our lives, and that special trip we took to get away from it all, and just enjoy being ourselves for a while.  That was the kind of trip where we definitely took the leisurely stroll approach to Disney!

One special post that I have was when we took Meemaw to Disney World.  That was a one day trip with Sophie in 2006, so we are going on five years ago, and my Mom hadn’t been to Disney since that first trip, 28 years earlier.  I particularly like that post because I included some pictures from that trip, and one of my favorites is the one of Sophie and her Meemaw sitting on the love seat in Minnie’s Country Home.

The Disney Hiatus happened when Sophie was born.  She was an itty-bitty little thing, but eventually she was big enough to take on a trip to see the Mouse!  Who better to go with then her best friend Riley?

One of the reasons we love to go to Disney is because of the service that Disney provides to their guests.  I love the approach that they take with their guests, so I made a point of noting in a post the things that makes Disney, Disney!

Around this point I started my exploration of the Lands of the Magic Kingdom.  This was an important project for me because I wanted to explore all of the lands, particularly with closing of Mickey’s Toontown Fair.

In November, the traffic on My Dreams of Disney really started to ramp up.  However, before all of that started, my excitement level started growing because it was almost time to make the reservations for our next great Disney trip!

On Veteran’s Day, I wrote a special post thanking all of our Veterans for all that they have done for us.  If you haven’t seen it, please check it out.

Right around Thanksgiving I became a writer for Chip’s blog Chip & Company!  At this point, my site started really taking off as far as traffic goes, and I also wrote a post about Thanksgiving that included some of my favorite pictures!

In mid December I started my review of the countries of the World Showcase over at Epcot.  It took a while, into January, to get them all completed, but I have had many favorable comments about them, so take a look if you missed them the first time around!

On January 15th, my special post was about reclaiming my nickname!  It took a long time to be okay with the name, so feel free to call me Mickey!

On January 30th, I began my first Disney contest, thanks to my friends at Pixie Vacations!  After three weeks of people liking the My Dreams of Disney Facebook page, my winner was announce: Kristy Murphy!

The last bit of information for me was my inclusion into the Magical Blogorail red loop!  It is an awesome honor to be included in that, so to my Disney friend Beth, I say a heartfelt thank you!  Since the red loop is a brand new loop, our first post was about why we started our blogs.  If you haven’t seen all the posts, please check out the Magical Blogorail site and read them all!

I know that I have written probably a few thousand words more than you wanted to read, but if you have made it all the bottom of this post, I really appreciate it!  In addition to remembering all of our trips, knowing that you all are reading my posts really makes it worthwhile.  So to all of you, Thanks for this and all of my other posts!  Let’s have fun with the next 100 posts also!