Our Family Debate: The things we would change at Walt Disney World

Two nights ago I posed the question to my wife and daughter about the two things that they would change regarding Walt Disney World. The question was one that the fine folks over at Mouse Chat had as their discussion item for the February 4, 2011 podcast. I found most of their thoughts inciteful, but didn’t agree with all of them by any means.

The first person that I asked was my nine year old daughter Sophie. I deliberately kept it at two things to eliminate some of the sorts of answers a nine year old will give. To my surprise, Sophie had some really good thoughts on the subject.

Her first thing that she would change would be to change Magic Kingdom so that people could sleep in the actual Kingdom! Sophie is not just referring to sleeping in the Castle, but also such places as in the town you pass through when you ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, or spending the night in The Haunted Mansion. Personally, I think sleeping on Tom Sawyers Island would be cool!

The other idea Sophie had was to allow guests to be able to be part of the attraction. For example, how cool would it be to pull up a chair and sit next to Captain Jack Sparrow in the room at the end of the Pirates of the Caribbean! To Sophie, anything that will make the Magic even more real is all right with her!

Cindy’s first idea was to expand on the Disney Dining Plan. Her idea is to allow non resort guests to be able to sign up for the DDP. Her rationale is that it would make the restaurants even more popular, and also help Disney to help families experience a part of Disney that many aren’t able to at this point. In addition, it would get more cash in Disney’s pocket up front because the plan is paid for in advance. Personally, I don’t think this will fly because it would leave the potential for too many rooms not being rented out.

Cindy’s second idea was that the queue for Peter Pan’s Flight should be redone, along with the waiting areas for Mickey’s PhilharMagic and Muppet*Vision 3-D. In all of these cases, she feels like they are too cramped and it makes her feel claustrophobic. I tend to agree with her on this one.

For me, the first change I would make would be to allow guests to be able to setup the DDP so that a room could get the plan for half of the days of their stay. For example, with our seven day trip, allow us to get it for four of those days.

My logic for this is that we are not getting the plan because the cost would be so expensive for the nine of us. However, if we could get it for four days we would have looked at it in great detail.

My other thought on what I would change relates to some of the old attractions. I would love it if there were some way that the old attractions, such as the Skyway, could be brought back. I know that it is wishful thinking, and that it won’t be happening, but I still want it back. Maybe Disney could make a simulator that has all of the old closed rides on it, kind of like a virtual reality sort of thing. What do you think?

That concludes the topic for this post. Thanks for reading! What would you change? Tell me in the comments! I love comments! Thanks again!