World Showcase: Canada Pavilion

Canada Pavilion

After ten stops along our route of the countries of the World Showcase, we come to the eleventh and final stop on our tour of the World Showcase — the Canada Pavilion.  You may remember that our previous stop was at the United Kingdom.  If you missed that post, please go back and check it out.

When it comes to the World Showcase, I have three favorites.  The first is the American Adventure pavilion, my third favorite is Norway, and right in the middle is the Canada pavilion.  There is so much to enjoy when you visit Canada.  Let’s dive right in and explore all of the facets of this pavilion that make it rank up near the top of my list!

For starters, Canada is home to the best movie (in my opinion) in all of Epcot: O Canada!  This movie was great when I first saw it, but when it was redone with Martin Short narrating it, it flew off the charts for me!  I love the Circle-Vision 360 technology that Disney has, and Canada has landscape that certainly benefits from showing all 360 degrees of visibility in a movie!

In addition to O Canada, the pavilion is home to some incredible photography locations!  The gardens are incredible, as are the buildings!  Take a look at some of the pictures I’ve been able to get (in addition to the one above!)

In addition to the movie, and the scenery, Canada is also home to the Celtic rock band Off Kilter.  We had never seen them perform until last June, but we were immediately impressed by the band.  Even though it was raining outside, still we decided to stop and listen in.  Check out their kilts!

Who’s more Off Kilter — the band or us for watching in the rain?

But to many people, the jewel of the Canada pavilion is the table service restaurant Le Cellier Steakhouse.  This dining location (which is so popular that it is turning into a Signature Dining restaurant for dinner starting March 1, 2011) features one of the best steakhouses on property.  I have never eaten at Le Cellier before, and it was in the running in our search for the perfect date night at Disney before we chose Boma.  So tell me, what makes Le Cellier so special?  Have you eaten there before?  Tell me about it in the comments please!  I love all of the comments that I receive from you!

I hope that you all have enjoyed my journey around the countries of the World Showcase at Epcot.  I enjoy writing these, and one of the reasons I started My Dreams of Disney was so that I could tell all of you about my trips, but also so I could relive the memories as well!  Thanks for reading!

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