What an explosion of Fans!

Thank you everyone, this update is for all of you!  We are now at 102 fans of My Dreams of Disney on Facebook, so to everyone that has become a fan of the page, thank you!  There are a lot of Disney fans out there.  Let’s keep it going!  If we can get to 200 fans by February 20th, then the winning person will win the Disney Tote bag and the Disney Autograph Book!  Thanks everyone, keep spreading the word about My Dreams of Disney!

I hope all of the Disney Magic is rubbing off on you, if it is, then why don’t you think about planning an upcoming trip?  If you need help in planning a trip, visit my friends at Pixie Vacations!  Steve and Lisa were great to offer up the prizes for our contest, so if you need a quote, check out their website today!

Thanks again everyone for all of the Disney love going around.