Our blog tour of World Showcase continues.  If you remember, our last stop was in the Germany Pavilion, so next on our list is Italy.  The Italy Pavilion at Epcot is home to some really great things to see, from the acting and singing troupes, to the incredible buildings, and the great restaurants!  Did you know that the architecture and building designs are based on the city of Venice?

When in Italy, take the time to investigate some of the great shopping that is available to you, and if you are of a mind, make a dining reservation at Via Napoli or Tutto Italia Ristorante!  While this country doesn’t have an attraction, it is one of those things that you can do when you are of a mind to take the road less traveled method of exploring Epcot.  One of my goals for our next trip with regard to Italy is to take some more compelling pictures of this oft-overlooked country.



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