Poll: How often do you go between visits to Walt Disney World?

Sorcerer Mickey’s Hat at Disney‘s Hollywood Studios

Cindy posed an interesting question to me tonight, and suggested we put it out there in the form of a poll to see what sort of response we get.  We were listening to today’s MouseChat.net podcast, and they were talking about the new parade at Hollywood Studios — Countdown to Fun, I think it was.  Anyway, we started thinking about the average Disney visitor — how often do they actually get to enjoy all that is Disney?  Do they go every year or every second year, or do they go once every five years, or what?  So that is the subject of my poll.  Take a look at it over on the sidebar, and go ahead and vote.  Any comments? Leave them below!  Thanks everyone for reading!  We had an awesome day today — as of 10:49 PM tonight we are at 59 pageviews for the day!  Our most ever!  Thanks for visiting.