The progression of My Dreams of Disney

Sometimes it seems like my Disney progression has exploded since I started My Dreams of Disney in September.  Really, all I was interested in doing was writing about my memories of the trips to Disney that I have made in my life, and to talk about the upcoming trips that we would be making in the future.  Little did I know that things would progress as they have.

Case in point:  after I started blogging on the site, my pageviews per month have been 70 in September, 60 in October, then 101 in November, 355 in December, and as of today, 296 in January.  I can point to two things that have led to this increase:  the first is becoming a writer on the Chip & Company site, and the second is my inclusion into the Magical Blogorail Red line next month.

Chip and his fellow writers at C&C have been an incredible source of traffic to my site, as well as some great critiquing of my newbie posts and help in making them better.  In addition, Beth from A Disney Mom’s Love of Disney has been a great support, and was instrumental in including me in her second Blogorail.  If you haven’t read the Blogorail yet, I highly suggest you check them out at their site.

So all in all, I have been extremely pleased to have met such a great group of people, and have really appreciated all of their input in my blogging advancement.  Thanks everyone!