China Pavilion

My trip around Epcot’s World Showcase continues as we investigate the charms of China.  China is home to the Circle-Vision 360 production “Reflections of China”.  This movie was done such that the theater completely surrounds you and you can get the view from several different vantage points.  I really like the movie, and enjoy watching it every couple of years.

In addition to “Reflections of China” the dining choices for China include the Nine Dragons Restaurant and the Lotus Blossom Cafe.  My family has never eaten at either of the restaurants, so I’m not sure how good they are.  If you know, please comment!

For my family, this is one of the countries that we have under-appreciated the times that we have been there.  Most of the time we come to see the movie, but don’t make time to look at the other things that China has to offer.  Next time, perhaps we’ll stay longer!  Thanks for reading!



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  1. I think the Lotus Blossom Cafe is the counter service? I had it once and it was like BAD mall food. Oily without much flavor. That was around 6 years ago and I'd like to think they've fixed it, but I've seen other similar reviews around…

  2. Thanks for that update! I think it is the counter service restaurant. Generally speaking, we make our choices based on things that we won't be able to find at home, so we haven't eaten at any of these. Merry Christmas!

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