World Showcase: Norway Pavilion

“Off with his nose!” at Norway Pavilion

Our journey around the countries of the World Showcase continues with our next stop at the Norway Pavilion.  Norway is one of our favorite countries for several reasons, and it starts with one of my favorite Character Dining restaurants: Akershus Royal Banquet Hall.

Our Group Picture

Akershus is home to Princess Storybook Dining, where you and your Princess are able to visit with many of her favorite princesses.  In addition to the princesses coming to your table, you and your party are also able to have a group portrait taken.  Better yet, you receive prints of the picture as part of the price of your meal!  In addition to all of that, though, you are able to have your picture taken with the princesses at your table.  Check out these photos from our last visit to Akershus!

Stephanie with Cinderella and Sophie
Sleeping Beauty with Sophie and Stephanie

Snow White with Stephanie and Sophie

Ariel with Steph and Sophie 

Norway, though, is so much more than a wonderful restaurant, as good as Akershus is.  Norway is rich in tradition, with it’s Viking roots, it’s off-shore lifestyles, and it’s boating heritage, and all of that is reflected in the lobby that is the queue for Maelstrom, the attraction for Norway.  Maelstrom is a boat ride in the manner of the Three Caballeros over at Mexico, but with a much different theme!  Maelstrom has it all; some creepy scenes involving trolls; a trip through the North Sea with an oil rig; and an exciting drop down the ramp back into port.  After you disembark, you are able to watch a short five minute movie about Norway, but the last few times we have been there they haven’t been showing the movie.

In addition to Maelstrom, Norway is home to some really good gift shops, including the one that prompted the Troll attack from Sophie!  There are some lovely things for sale, both for kids and adults, so take the time to look around and find something of Norway to take home with you.
I hope that you have enjoyed your trip around Norway.  A lot of people look at Norway as just Maelstrom, or just Akershus, but it really is a lot more than that.  Norway is a compilation of all of the things that make the country such a special place, and if what I have seen in the Epcot country of Norway is anything like the Scandinavian country, then I would love to travel there one year — but during the summer months!  Our next trip around Epcot’s World Showcase will take us to China!