Secretariat — The Greatest Horse, Immortalized

Yesterday Cindy, Sophie and I went to see Secretariat.  We have been seeing previews for it for a couple of months now, and I really wanted to see it to see how good it was.  The trailer we saw was great, and the story just captivated me.

So we get to the theater, and as we are watching, Cindy and I noticed that Sophie is barely moving.  She is so caught up in the movie that she can barely blink her eyes!

This movie had it all; sadness, uncertainty, humor, excitement, and thrilling, thrilling horse racing.  Seeing the races played out on the big screen led me to do a search to see if YouTube videos exist of the actual races, and they do!  Here they are below — enjoy!  The videos are in order of the Triple Crown — first the Derby, then the Preakness, and lastly, the Belmont!

When it comes to athletes, so many people write about this person being the greatest of all time, or that person being the greatest of all time. Shoot, Mohammad Ali claimed that he was the greatest of all time!  The debate rages on and on, of course, and certainly there is no way that it could ever be definitively answered to everyone’s satisfaction — but in my opinion, Secretariat stands right up there with all of the great horses in history, and with all of the “Greatest” athletes of all time, as well!