Splash Mountain's 52' Drop!

Splash Mountain’s 52′ Drop!

By Mike Ellis.

The other day on Facebook I submitted this picture of Splash Mountain, along with pictures of Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (see below), and asked the following question:

“What is your favorite Magic Kingdom Mountain? Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad?”

Well, I used some very complex mathematics (you can cut the sarcasm with a butter knife it’s that thick!) to come up with the winners.  Here is the formula I used:

  • For each picture, I kept track of the “Likes”, “Comments”, and “Shares”.
  • For some pictures, the comments were for a different attraction, so I made a note of that.
  • Then, using pen and paper, I counted the numbers.  Truly informal, TOTALLY unscientific, but a ranking was developed nonetheless!

The big winner, with 88 “votes”, was Splash Mountain, which is why it is at the top of the post!  Here are some of your comments about this ride:

Tanya wrote: “Splash is by far my favorite of all the Mountains!!!

Christie had a good piece of a logic about why she hasn’t ridden it and why Space Mountain is her favorite: “Haven’t ever gotten to go on this!! (When it is 45 degrees, it’s not the top of the “must do” list. LOL) My fave is definitely Space Mountain.”

Heather points out that the winner is not always unanimous, even within the same family: “Splash is my favorite mountain but my daughter would say Space Mountain is hers.”

James points out that Splash Mountain isn’t just his favorite Mountain, but it’s tops on his all WDW list: “Splash mountain is my fav ride at WDW!”

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!

Coming in second in our informal poll was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad with 46 votes!  Here are some of the comments we received:

Debra points out to us: “Thunder Mountain is my favorite mountain ride!  Especially love riding this at NIGHT! Big Thunder at 1am! The BEST!”

Michelle doesn’t need many words to describe BTMRR: “The best!!!”

Neon Space Mountain!

Neon Space Mountain!

When it comes to Space Mountain, it came in a distant third with just 24 votes. However, it does have it’s love amongst readers!

Theresa writes: “I LOVE this picture of Space Mountain. Wow!!”

So, while the competition seemed kind of one sided — maybe because of the heat of summer — I think it’s safe to say that there are plenty of people that love all three of the Magic Kingdom Mountains!

In days to come we’ll write a post comparing three classic Magic Kingdom shows, and then a post comparing three classic Magic Kingdom rides!

Thanks for stopping by, have a Disney day!



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4 Responses to “Your Favorite Magic Kingdom Mountain!”

  1. I’m going to go with the “blame it on summer” theory, it’s 100 plus humidity here and Splash Mountain looks really good. The storytelling in Splash Mountain is something I think gets over looked as well.

    • Sorry for the late reply, Lori, but I totally agree — the water is fun, but the entire story for Splash Mountain is great, plus it’s a long ride, something like 18 minutes or so, which makes for a great break! Thanks for commenting, and have a great night!