After a little hiatus, I’m back on track for taking a look at the next installment of the countries of the World Showcase.  In this installment, I’m going to take a look at a somewhat overlooked country for our family.  To be honest, there isn’t a whole lot that we look at with regards to Germany, so this post will be shorter than some of the others.  I’m going to rely on all of you to put in some good comments on the things that we haven’t been paying attention to so that we can look at them for our next trip!

However, let me tell you what we have experienced at Germany.  For starters, Germany has a great outdoor train layout setup, and I have taken quite a few pictures of it over the years!  Here are a couple of my favorites.

 Unfortunately, other than the trains, we haven’t done much in Germany.  We’ve never eaten at the Biergarten Restaurant or caught the Oktoberfest Musikanten show.  Lastly, although the official page indicates that you can often see Snow White and the Dwarfs in Germany, I can’t recall seeing her or them before.
So as you can see, my information on Germany is rather sparse.  I ask you, Reader, what am I missing that I should be doing at Germany?  With this coming trip having the potential to be more special than any other, I beg you to give me some comments on what to explore and enjoy in Germany.  Thanks!



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10 Responses to “World Showcase: Germany Pavilion”

  1. Germany Pavilion is one of the least intensive experieces in World Showcase. I would recommend stopping for a beer (they are served in big, tall, glasses) and a look around the shops. The architecture is also nice to photograph.

    The best thing to do is go up to the first German Cast Member you see and ask: “What is the best part of your Pavilion, in your opinion?” Then do what they say!

    Sorry, that's all I got!

  2. Here's another vote for Biergarten. We travel in a large group so we fill a table. But we love the food, as Kristen mentions, the beer, and the music. Always a good time!

    By the way, I love that train but it is my nemesis when trying to my son to move along through World Showcase. He just loves to watch it and check out all the details. Though I suppose next time I could just grab a beer and a pretzel while I am waiting for him to be ready to move on!

  3. Mike, you must at some point try the Biergarten. It's a lot of fun and you can't miss getting a liter of beer. Also food related… pick up a pretzel at the cart outside. It's delicious! Unlike any of the pretzels anywhere else on Disney property.

    If you look to outside of the pavilion (China side) there is a wishing well. Snow White does and meet and greet there. I've seen Dopey with her a few times but not recently.

    One fun thing to do in many of the pavilions is to do the trivia questions and see how much you know about the country. You might be surprised at what you know.

    Another thing to check out is the new Karamell Kuche store in the pavilion. It's smells incredible! So glad that they don't burn their caramel corn.

  4. Thanks Lee and Kristen! All of these suggestions are great for me because it gives me things to do this year! Keep them coming!

  5. Thanks Beth! Sounds like a plan for me, not just for you. I'll get a beer, grab a pretzel, and watch the trains!

  6. If there is no line-up at Karamell Kuche, have a good look in the display case, I had their caramel pecan square and it was marvelous. I have heard good things about their caramel corn – a definite buy for the next trip!

    When you check out the train and all the miniatures, pay attention, sometimes a cast member or visitor has reached in and put tiny people in tiny compromising positions . .

    : )

  7. We are fans of Biergarten too! Love it! We’ve taken pictures several times with Snow White in the Germany Pavilion.