Hi everybody, welcome back!  Today I’m doing the Wordless Wednesday post!

Well, as you know, Father’s Day is coming up so I’m doing a post on my Dad! But don’t email him. I want it to be a surprise for when he next sees the blog! I hope he likes it. He was very generous to let me be his ace reporter. He spoils me! You can’t beat that! Anyway that picture up there at the beginning of the post is my daddy. The picture  was taken on the ferry from the Transportation and Ticketing Center to the Magic Kingdom on the 40th Anniversary of Walt Disney.

What did I tell ya? Absolutely, positively, no doubt about it, he spoils me rotten — most of the time! Now I know what you’re thinking — how could giving your daughter two things be considered spoiling her rotten? Allow me to tell you the number of things my parents have given me so far. Yes, I have counted. 576,319,426,821,348,756,893,527,349  99/100 [the 99/100 being the Disneyland trip we are about to take.]:D So yes,  he does spoil me rotten.

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5 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Disney Dads”

  1. Sophie~ you have a GREAT dad! And I think he might say that he has a pretty great daughter too! I’m so excited for your Disneyland trip. Please take LOTS of pictures!

  2. Sophie, that is so sweet. Nothing is more important to a daddy than his daughter…both you and your daddy are VERY special!!! Have fun at Disneyland!!!! Hugs to you all!

  3. Sophie, that is such a sweet post and terrific picture! Your dad will be so proud and happy to see it. Have a great trip to Disneyland! Thanks so much for sharing and for joining in the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop fun!

  4. Great Post. Great Picture! I love the hat! Happy Fathers Day to your Disney Dad!