Spaceship Earth: My MUST ride

In the continuation to my four part series on the absolute one ride that I MUST ride at each of the parks, today we take a look at Epcot.  As you may recall, last time we looked at the Magic Kingdom, and specifically at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, as my MUST ride.

For me, Epcot isn’t that easy to choose that one ride (although Magic Kingdom wasn’t that easy also) because there is so much that you can do at Epcot.  For instance, there is Soarin’, my wife’s favorite ride at Epcot and at all the parks.  Then there is Test Track, a ride that we haven’t ridden since before Sophie was born, but one that we will certainly be experiencing once again this June.  And Mission: Space, an attraction that we haven’t been on, and frankly, I won’t be riding that one (cue the clucking chicken music now).  And don’t forget Maelstrom in Norway, and Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros in Mexico.  While they are not thrill rides necessarily (although the case can be made that Maelstrom is a mild thrill ride), they are ones that we ride each trip to Epcot at least once.

Then there are the movies.  O Canada! is one of the best movies you can see (and I’m not just saying that because fellow writer Lee is from Canada!), and Reflections of China is good also.

But to me, the one attraction that I can’t do without is Spaceship Earth.  I know, I know, you have just clicked on another article on the C&C site – one written by a good writer!  But if you haven’t, give me a chance to explain myself.

What better attraction can there be at Epcot then Spaceship Earth?  Where else can you take a moving journey into the huge Geodesic Dome that is the symbol of Epcot, and travel back in time millions of years?  And the scenes are just incredible in my opinion.  They suck you into the middle of the story, so you can hear the cavemen drawing on the walls, you can smell the burning sulfur, and you can see the roads of the great Roman Empire.  It is as if you are right there.

Then you progress into more modern times, and then, you are off into space!  To me, this is the climax of the ride, and really cool.  Coming down out of space backwards is neat.

Lastly, as you enter your information to plan your possible future living environment, you are returned back to Earth – Spaceship Earth, that is – and you can experience all of the “after ride” attractions, including seeing your pictures deposited into the globe so you can pinpoint where you are from.
Spaceship Earth is not the fastest, not the most glamorous ride.  It won’t send you upside down like a certain roller coaster I know.  But Spaceship Earth will take you on a journey through time, where you will learn some things, experience some unique sites and sounds and smells, and it will teach you a thing or two about our evolution throughout the ages.

That is why Spaceship Earth is my MUST ride at Epcot – and one that we easily ride at least three times per trip to Disney.

Next time, on my third installment of my must ride attraction at each of the parks, I’ll be taking a look at Animal Kingdom, and all of the diverse rides that you can choose from!  See you next time!



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3 Responses to “Walt Disney World Epcot: The one ride I MUST ride”

  1. Soarin' and Test Track are my top two rides. My favourite non-ride at Epcot is now Turtle Talk with Crush. While it has a theme to it, it is never the same show twice because of the kids. Totally sweet, Dude.