This week was a busy week for posting!  It seems like there was all sorts of things going on both here and at Chip & Company!

  • On Monday, the Chip & Company Week in Review posted.  This is something that I work on bi-weekly with my friend Ken from C&C, and I really enjoy it because I get the opportunity to re-read posts that I liked, or see them the first time depending on how crazy it is at work.
  • Also on Monday, I had some posts of my own that I wrote.  First was my post about the Make a Memory Giveaway that my friends Randy and Wendy were hosting over at Your Highway in the Sky.  If you missed that post, go check it out and enter to win!
  • I also wrote a short piece to talk about my week in review articles that I’m starting.
  • Lastly, on Monday I changed my “Behind the Dreams” page into a post, added some formatting, and reposted it.  Basically a housekeeping move, but I like the story of how My Dreams of Disney came to be, so I hope you do too!  If you haven’t seen it, please check it out.
  • On Tuesday I wrote one of our “Ask a Disney Question” pieces for Chip & Company.  In this question, I was addressing the need to hit the bag check stations when entering the parks.
  • Also on Tuesday, I found out that my friend Amanda is hosting a contest of her own, in conjunction with her sponsor travel agent!  Her prize: a wonderful $200 Disney Gift Card!  If you haven’t entered yet, go for it, and good luck!
  • Wednesday was a quiet day, but I did get in this Nearly Wordless Wednesday post.  Where you able to figure out where and what this is?
  • On Thursday I finally completed my “Exploring the Shows” series, with the Mac Daddy of them all (at least, in my eyes), Epcot!  What are your favorite shows in all of the parks?
  • Also on Thursday, I wrote a Disney Food Confession piece for Chip & Company!  Have you ever tried Bobotie over at Boma in Animal Kingdom Lodge?
  • Thursday night I gave the long-awaited answer to the question “Where (and what?) in the World…” photo question.  Of course, the answer was given to me less than five minutes after I posted the picture, so it certainly wasn’t much of a challenge!
  • On Friday, I decided to re-evaluate my page a little bit — and I reintroduced Google Friend Connect in the process!  Follow Us with GFC, please!
  • Also on Friday, I discovered late in the day that today was the 17th anniversary of the Tower of Terror opening up!  Happy Anniversary, ToT!
  • Lastly, on Saturday our good friends Kerry and Neal came over.  During our get together, one thing we talked about was our Disney trip that we just took, and also the Disney trip that we are taking together next year!



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