Who doesn’t love seeing this sign when you arrive?!

In a world where the term “Customer Service” seemingly is not in the dictionary anymore, there is one thing that Walt Disney World does that nobody else does even close: Customer Service.

We have been to Disney many times over the years, and will be there many times in the future to come as well.  I have yet to remember a single time when we received anything even remotely resembling mediocre service.  I thought I would take a moment and relay to you some of those great customer service moments that, when added up, just illustrate what makes Disney, Disney.

In 2007 we spent our first trip to Disney where we actually stayed on Disney property.  This year was the Year of a Million Dreams, and during that trip we had our own special dream come true.  One morning we stopped at the Main Street Bakery for breakfast, and a Cast Member came over to Sophie and started talking to her.  She proceeded to ask her what her favorite Princess was, and Sophie indicated that it was Cinderella.  Would you believe that at that moment, the CM had the biggest chocolate chip cookie for Sophie!  She indicated that Cinderella had asked her to give the cookie to Sophie for her to enjoy that day!  Sophie was six years old, and that is a memory that she remembers to this day.

Another time on that same trip, we were speaking with one of the CMs that was stationed over at the Coronado Springs Resort.  He started asking Sophie about the trip she was having, and how much fun she was having.  After she told him about all of the details – and believe me, Sophie is the master of the details – he presented her with a very special BFF pin trading set, one for her, and one for her BFF Riley!

During our last trip to Disney, we came across a young man who was working downstairs at The Land pavilion over at Epcot.  He was so new that he was still “Earning His Ears”.  We started talking with him mainly because he reminded us of my wife’s nephew, and to send him some Pixie Dust his way, Sophie insisted that he have her Stitch pin that was on her lanyard.  He was so excited, Sophie really made his day!  That was cool because we have been on the receiving end of so much magic, it was neat that Sophie was able to part with her own magic back!

As long as I go to Disney, I don’t think I’ll ever forget the two gentlemen who were greeters at Port Orleans French Quarter the first year we stayed there.  I’m sorry to say that I don’t remember their names, but they were one of a kind (or two of a kind).  Every morning when we were leaving to go to the parks it seemed like they were there, and every morning the made a point of giving Sophie some wishing well coins, some Mardi-Gras beads, and to ask us where we were going for the day and what reservations we had that day.  When we told them, they would immediately suggest an attraction or two that we should look at, they would give us our park map, and if we were short on time they would recommend the best and quickest way for us to get where we needed to go.  They were incredible, and I’ll never forget them.

Engine Co. 71

But in what may be the best example of customer service, I’ve got to tell you what happened to us when we went to the Fire Station Engine Co. 71 shop last June.  We were there because my nephew is a firefighter, and we wanted to get him something fire related from there.  My niece picked out a nice shirt for him, Sophie decided that she was going to purchase Bolt with her money, and I was buying my brother-in-law a FD71 hat.  When we approached the register, there was someone else in line ahead of us, so we were waiting.  All of a sudden, the person running the register told that customer that she was sorry, but her computer went down and she needed to reboot it.  The customer decided that she didn’t want to wait for that (we were told it would take 5-10 minutes), but we decided that we would wait it out.
After about ten minutes, a supervisor came by and told us that there was a special sale going on because the computer wasn’t working, and everything that we were going to purchase was now free for us!  All told, I figure that we received about $75 worth of merchandise that night — all for free because of their computer malfunction.

We have had so many great experiences at Disney, there is no way that I can relay them all to you.  To me, the one thing that you are guaranteed to get at Disney is great customer service!

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One Response to “The little things that makes Disney, Disney!”

  1. My friend Dave and I have been to WDW 6 times together or maybe 7 times. We were there in the Year of a Million Dreams as well. We were shopping at the World of Disney, in a big line-up for a till, when we got to the front Dave told the CM that he taught 4-6 year olds Taikwondo and they had achievement sticker books and could he get 20 or so of the Mickey stickers they have at the till. The CM excused herself and went to the store room for 3 minutes (other folks in the line weren't happy) when she came back she had and entire roll of the stickers in a bag and said, here you go! He still has stickers and a whole batch of new tiny tigers still like getting them.

    Also on that trip we were at guest services asking a question and the CM gave me 3 coupons for free ice cream treats for 4 people each, he said give them away and make people happy! I did and it was so fun.

    Last October the chef at the Prime Time Cafe was so helpful with me and my food allergies, the friend I was with was there for her first trip and the chef came back from the kitchen with light up Tinkerbell pins for both of us!

    I have always been a big believer in the small things making people feel special and Disney knows this too!