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Hello everyone, this is Mike from My Dreams of Disney, and starting today, I’ve got a unique treat for you!  I’ll be interviewing my daughter Sophie to find out her favorites on a wide variety of Disney topics!  This week, to kick us off, we are going to find out Sophie’s Favorite Disney Attractions!  The lineup so far is like this:

  • Today, Sophie’s Favorite Disney Attractions!
  • Next week, Sophie’s Favorite Disney Characters!
  • The following week, Sophie’s Favorite Disney Reservation Dinners!
  • Lastly, Sophie’s Favorite Disney Memories!

So, without further ado, here is Sophie’s top 10 list of her favorite Disney attractions!

  1. Splash Mountain
    1. Sophie likes this most of all because it’s like going through the whole story of Song of the South, which is what the ride is based off of.
  2. Mickey’s PhilharMagic
    1. Like her old man, Sophie loves the scenes of Donald passing through the different classic Disney movies.  She especially likes Luminare singing “Be our Guest” because she loves the smell of the food!
  3. Haunted Mansion
    1. This attraction up on the list is great because it’s so much fun!  In the audio recording there is a story Sophie told about how her and her cousin’s heads were switched around by the Hitchhiking Ghosts!
  4. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin!
    1. Help defeat the evil Zurg!
  5. Tomorrowland Transit Authority (TTA) PeopleMover!
    1. I like it because it gives you a full tour of Tomorrowland, even though it goes through Space Mountain, an attraction I don’t like!
  6. Jungle Cruise
    1. I like it because it really feels like you’re seeing the jungles of Africa, and the world famous “backside of water!”
  7. Enchanted Tiki Room
    1. Sophie loves the singing birds!  Also, she loves it as the old style better then when it was Under New Management!
  8. Dumbo the Flying Elephant!
    1. I like it because you get to see Timothy up in the center and you get to control how it’s flying!
  9. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh!
    1. It’s cute seeing Pooh, and you can actually smell the honey when he’s collecting it!  I also like the Hephalump room, although one time she got a bloody nose in this room.
  10. The Hall of Presidents
    1. Sophie likes this, but there is one President she doesn’t like — but she’ll keep that to herself.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad — perhaps it’s been elevated to number 10 now? :)
  • Carousel of Progress — number 12 on the list!
  • Peter Pan’s Flight — I like it, but the line is so long sometimes! {Editor’s Note: Eta Pravda translates from Russian to “This is True.”}
  • It’s a Small World — number 13 on the list!  Love the singing characters!

If you would like to hear the actual, unedited audio file of our interview, click on the play button below!  Thanks — you’ll find out about a sub-series of this attraction post that we’ll be covering later!  Thanks for stopping by, and make it a Disney Day!

Sophie’s Favorite Disney Attractions



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6 Responses to “Sophie’s Favorite Disney Attractions!”

  1. I look forward to hearing all about Sophie’s favorites! Emily is excited to see that Winnie the Pooh made the list . . . that’s one of her favorites too! :-)

    • Did you hear the audio, Beth? When Sophie got to number nine, she was like, “I wasted all of my picks on Magic Kingdom attractions!” So, look for other posts about Sophie’s Favorite Epcot Attractions, Sophie’s Favorite Animal Kingdom Attractions, and Sophie’s Favorite Hollywood Studios attractions also! :)

    • Thanks, Didi! Cindy and I are certainly trying our best! Sophie wants to work for Disney in the college program — which I think would be really cool for her, and add up to more visits to the park for us! :)