The following post is a hypothetical situation, a what if, if you will, and not something that I am actually considering. However, I want your thoughts on the matter for the following question:

If you had the opportunity to leave your family behind to take a long weekend to Walt Disney World, would you?

As I said in the beginning, this isn’t something that I am actually considering; however, it is something that a lot of my Disney friends have done and do on a quite regular basis. For me, this question is a huge one, I thought I would outline the thoughts that I have towards such an undertaking.

First of all, would the fact that I was going to Walt Disney World without my family make me a selfish person? Would there be any reason why I would go without them? The answer to this question is it depends. It is my belief that if I were to go on my own, without some contributing reason, that wouldbe selfish. However, everyone that has read my blog for a while now knows that one thing I really and truly want to do is to become a member of the world famous Walt Disney World Moms Panel. In fact, this month is when the applications will open again for the next crop of Moms, and I will likely be applying for the panel again. If the Disney Magic comes true for me, and I by some long stretch do get selected for the Moms Panel, I would be going to Disney for training in December, and I would be traveling alone. The difference, in my mind — please let me know if you think I’m wrong — is that the benefit to the Moms Panel is that my family would earn a trip to Disney as a result of me participating on the Moms Panel, so this is more like a business trip. Of course, it’s a business trip with some seriously incredible perks!

If I had the opportunity to travel to Disney alone, why would I? I answered that I think it would be a really selfish thing to do for me; although if the roles were reversed and Cindy and Sophie had the opportunity to visit Disney without me, I would gladly send them, even though I would spend every moment they are away wishing I was with them. For me, a trip to Disney World is an incredible family experience, and something that should be enjoyed by the whole family, or as much of the family as possible. The real beauty of a Walt Disney World vacation is the memories that get created when we take our trips.

I know that I am oversimplifying the thought that goes into whether you should take a solo trip to Walt Disney World; there are a ton of compelling reasons why you would do such a thing. However, for me, there are two reasons why I’m not at that point in my life yet, and this picture sums it all up the best:

The look of joy on both their faces is perfection personified!

So tell me, what would you do? Do you take trips to Walt Disney World by yourself? Is your significant other okay with you doing that? Let me know in the comments, please! Thanks!

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5 Responses to “Question for the Disney Addicts: Travel to Walt Disney World without your family?”

  1. but I.would miss my four kids and probably end up.crying I hate.going.anywhere.where.families and couples are.and not or kids to share it with. But.if it mental giving a trip to the end I would sick it out and with.that goal in mind. I was an only child.and was always so jealous of the huge families and with there sisters and brothers when I went as a child. Now as an adult I just feel better when we are all enjoying the fun. But I.could definitely sick it out with that goal of a family.trip in mind

  2. I have been to WDW sans family only once, but am counting down the days until my next trip (2 months from today!). First of all, let me say that I have been to WDW with my family 6 times since 2005. Our last trip was October 2011 and included my hubby, son (15), my son’s best bud, my daughter (8), nephew (11), my mom and sister. However, in 2008 a friend and I (she has a large family, too) decided to go to WDW on a long weeked. We spent 4 days/3 nights and had the time of our lives! We ate at some of my fave restaurants (with cocktails!), spent time exploring & shopping, and enjoyed almost all of the attractions. It was heavenly. My family knows how much I love WDW and may have been a little jealous at first, but were ultimately completely supportive of my choice to go without them. I believe it was totally worth it! Since it was much more afforable for just me, we did things that I would otherwise have skipped had I been there with my entire family. For my next trip, I am going with my mom and few other girlfriends (one is a newbie). Our trip in November is scheduled just in time to catch the Food & Wine Festival and Mickey’s Christmas party as well. We have a whole week planned! Again my family is fine with my going without them, especially since our next big family trip is scheduled for next fall. My husband is even taking a few days vacation to stay home with the kids while I am gone! I knew I loved that man!

    • Kellie, sorry for the late reply back! Thank you for commenting, you make a lot of great points. The end result of my question is that it depends on each of us, so thank you and everyone else that commented here and on Facebook!