Our new writer Tanya and her family!

Our new writer Tanya and her family!

{Editor’s Note:  I would like to introduce you to Tanya, who answered our call when I wrote about wanting to see if anyone was interested in contributing on My Dreams of Disney!  This is her first post, please welcome her with open arms and give her a big sendoff!  Today she is writing about herself, and her love of Disney! ~ Mike}

Hello Everyone!  I’m Tanya and I’m thrilled to join My Dreams of Disney and, from time to time, share my thoughts, experiences and ideas about Disney.

My family and I have a great love for all things Disney.  As a child I grew up in Florida, so I was fortunate to visit Walt Disney World and develop early memories of the parks (all two of them at the time).   My husband and I were fortunate to visit WDW just a month or so after Animal Kingdom opened and then spent our Honeymoon at Walt Disney World, our first of several visits in December, when the parks are just beautiful for the holidays!  We have taken our children to Walt Disney World and Disneyland, and learned how different and unique our visits are when we are sharing the experience with them.  It is fun for me to plan our family trips to Disney and I love to find fun, exciting and easy ways to share the magic with our children without breaking the bank!

Since this is my introduction of myself to you, I thought it would be fitting to give you a few of my Disney favorites and loves.  Maybe it will give you a better insight into who I am. So, here they are, in no particular order.

  • My favorite Disney movie is Mary Poppins- I relate to Mary, its hard being practically perfect in every way!
  • I adore Disney music, some of my favorite soundtracks are Newsies, The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast and I have been fortunate enough to see Beauty and the Beast, Mary Poppins, The Lion King, High School Musical, Aida and Disney’s On the Record touring musicals.
  • My sister and I love to have contests to see who can stump the other with Disney songs!
  • Did I mention that I love Disney music?
  • My favorite Disney rides are Splash Mountain and The Tower of Terror.
  • Raglan Road (at Downtown Disney) is my favorite place to eat on property.  It has become a tradition for our family and seriously, I could live on the bread pudding.
  • My most recent snack love is a Dole Whip….that’s a little cup of heaven.
  • And, my favorite character is Mickey Mouse.  I mean come on, what’s not to love….

So, that’s a bit about me.  I look forward to sharing more with you on occasion and helping you make fabulous Disney memories for yourself!

{If you would like to join Tanya, Theresa, or myself and try your hand at Disney writing, just click on the link, read the post, and shoot me an email!  Thanks, and make it a Disney Day! ~ Mike}



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I am a wife, mother of three, and teacher who loves all things Disney. I am thrilled to contribute my thoughts and ideas with you via My Dreams of Disney. I pride myself on planning Disney trips for my family that are filled with magic, yet affordable.

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