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Hi, I’m Sophie, and I’m a new member of/on the Magical Blogorail.
I’m working on a post for the Blogorail on Mickey’s PhilharMagic, a 4D movie which is a movie with pop out effects and to make the scenes smell real (like in the dinner scene) they add aroma to it and to make the scenes feel not just smell real (like in the broom scene) they add big drops of water to it.
Mickey is the conductor of a PhilharMagic orchestra.  Donald is getting the orchestra ready — or is he? Nope. He’s dozin’ (as usual) and when he woke up it was show time! He put the PhilharMagic hat on! The music was awful then the PhilharMagic did its work! Donald was sucked into one dimension after another until he finely got back to the first dimension. Mickey was waiting for him. He wasn’t too happy. The music began. What a wonderful performance it was! In the end Donald got shot out of a tuba — CRACK — into the wall and fell into the electrical system!

But no harm done … except to Donald.


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10 Responses to “Magical Blogorail — Sophie’s Favorite Attraction!”

  1. Wonderful post, Sophie! That's one show we're always sure to see when we go to Magic Kingdom.

  2. We LOVE the Philharmagic too! My daughter who is 4, kept trying to touch the 3D things popping out at her!

  3. I have to admit I cannot wait to see Mickey's PhilharMagic. I have only seen the very beginning because my little guy burst into tears because it was so loud. He has already said he will try it again this year and be ready. You had a great description of it, which makes me even more excited to experience it in 30 days! :-)

  4. Great post Sophie! Love the picture of you and Mickey:) We always enjoy Mickey's PhilharMagic. Donald is such a character!!