Welcome to those of you joining me from A Disney Mom’s Thoughts and those of you who have just hopped aboard. I am the 4th stop on our Magical Blogorail.With Walt Disney World being such a huge resort, it is imperative that there be adequate transportation methods to get around to all of the different resorts, parks, water parks, and restaurants.  For this month, the Magical Blogorail Red line is going to focus on Disney World transportation methods.  As for me, I am going to talk about getting around Disney by bus.  So hop aboard (gentlemen, please give up your seat to ladies, children, and elderly passengers as needed) and enjoy the ride!

Until our last vacation, we had always stayed at a Moderate resort; first Coronado Springs over near Animal Kingdom, and then Port Orleans French Quarter later on.  Because of the proximity of the resorts, and the fact that they are not Monorail resorts, we rode the buses quite a bit — especially because our family car, Casper the Caliber, was on vacation also and told us to leave her alone so she could relax!

All in all, the buses at Walt Disney World are handled quite well by Disney Transportation, and rarely are there any issues with the buses, at least in my experiences.  As with many things regarding Disney, it is extremely important that you remember that, first and foremost, you are on vacation!  As such, the key operative word is relax.  While it may at times seem like the bus is never going to get there to take you to Animal Kingdom, that’s not actually the case.  Most of the time buses arrive every twenty minutes or so.  So sit down — if there is a seat available — open up your iPhone (or similar smartphone device), connect to My Dreams of Disney, and read my blog posts while you wait!  The twenty minutes will be up before you know it.  One word to the wise, though.  Don’t get so engrossed in reading my posts that you forget to check the buses as they arrive to see if they are going to your destination!

One thing to keep in mind is that the buses can get quite busy, especially during early morning and late evening hours.  With the change that Walt Disney World is implementing regarding Monorail hours for Extra Magic Hours, it is quite possible that the buses may get even more busy.  As a result, it will be even more crucial that you exercise some patience when you are waiting in line.  Remember, the bus drivers and other Cast Members can’t help it if the bus is all filled up before you get on the bus.

Another thing to keep in mind is that bus loading is handled first for handicap persons or those that have a scooter that they need loaded.  In cases where this happens, the bus driver will release the passengers that are currently on the bus first, then he will close the front doors, open the rear doors, load the scooter or wheelchair, and then open the front doors to load the rest of the passengers.

Again, please exercise your patience while this happens.  If you find that difficult to do, may I make a suggestion?  Think about how you would feel if you required such a device to enjoy your visit to Walt Disney World, and think about how you would feel if other people were giving you a hard time because you needed that.  Remember, it’s their vacation also.

Walt Disney World is one of the busiest vacation destinations anywhere.  Since that is the case, it is not entirely uncommon for their to be slight delays when it comes to moving people from one place to another.  However, the Cast Members at Walt Disney World are second to none, and will do all that they can to move us, the Guests, from one location to the next with as minimal a fuss as possible.

I have two last stories to pass along before I pass you along to our next stop on the Magical Blogorail.  Both of them happened during our last vacation, one to my niece and her boyfriend, and the other to us as we were returning to our resort.

First, when my niece and her boyfriend were coming to meet us at Hollywood Studios, they waited for over an hour for a bus to arrive to take them to the park.  It was so bad that my niece, who normally is very mild-mannered, got upset and mentioned her displeasure to the Cast Members where they were.  They immediately issued them two family fast passes, for the size of our party (nine members), for any of the rides that they wanted to use them on.  We used both of them to ride the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster twice at the end of the day.

The second story was when we were leaving Hollywood Studios to get to the Contemporary resort.  It was about 10PM, and we had been shopping on our way out, so there was no one in line with us.  A bus arrived, and when we got on, he asked us where we were headed.  When we told him Bay Lake Towers, he took us directly there, and didn’t stop at any of the other stops that he would normally have stopped at.

In both cases, Disney gave it’s Cast Members the leeway to do what they needed to do to make a Guest happy, and delivered the kind of Disney Magic that we are used to seeing with Walt Disney World.

The Disney Transportation people have done a good job over the years in perfecting the different transportation methods to help their Guests reach the destinations that they are looking to get to.  While no system is perfect, the Disney Cast Members do their best to make sure that any delays are as short as possible.  In fact, I heard a rumor yesterday on a podcast I listen to that mentioned that Disney is possibly looking at putting cameras in the bus stops that would allow Disney Transportation to be able to see at a moments notice when a bus stop needs additional buses.  Think about how cool that would be!

Thank you for joining me today.  Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is A World View.


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7 Responses to “Magical Blogorail Red: Traversing Disney by Bus”

  1. Disney bus service used to be amazing, but as the years have progressed and more and more people are being moved from point a to point b there have been changes both for the good and bad.

    I admit, when coming out of a park at midnight, standing in line for another hour waiting for a bus is not my idea of a good time. I've learned that for about $20 I can usually get a cab wherever I need to go on property. That way if I'm tired and cranky, I don't have to deal with the wait, and no one else has to deal with me being tired and cranky. LoL!

  2. I've always heard the stories of Disney cast members having a wide latitude to make the guests happy in situation like late buses; which makes a vacation at WDW all that more special. We travel less by bus than we used to (now we rent a car), but there is no better way to reach the Magic Kingdom than from your resort to the park and skipping the TTC.

  3. Thanks for commenting, Kristen! I know exactly what you mean about those late night waits. Thanks for the tip — for whatever reason I never think of taking a cab anywhere on Disney property!

  4. We have always stayed off property so far and taken our cars into Disney, so we don't have a lot of experience with the Disney buses. We have used them a few times to get to certain places and they were nice and cool then. It was late at night and thankfully, the buses weren't packed at all!

    Bitten by the Disney Bug

  5. We too have used the buses mostly through our trips (we've only stayed at moderates, except once we stayed at the Contemporary). Though there are moments that the buses are not the best, really we haven't had any issues worth complaining about. The bus drivers can sometimes be really fun, and we have definitely had some fun moments with a bus driver or two!

  6. Thanks for commenting, Amanda and Beth! For the most part, the bus drivers do a great job, and I always try to remember that they go to the parks each and every day, but they don't get to enjoy the magic like we do, so I am less likely to get upset than some.